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    I have unrelenting fatigue and exercise intolerance and headaches, but I don't have any of the following: cognitive problems, vestibular/balance problems, recurring viral infections, sore throat, fevers, tender lymph nodes, or GI problems. I have been told that this likely means I have chronic fatigue but not chronic fatigue syndrome. Do most of the folks on this board have one or more of the symptoms that I don't have? I am still, after six years, just trying to get a handle on diagnosis. Any thoughts welcome.
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    Mono/Epstein Barr.
    That's what I got about 2 years ago (I'm 34). All I had as the fatigue/muscle weakness/lethargy and the brain fog.
    No sore throats or fevers, etc.
    But it sure seems that many folks who got mono, then turned into CFS sufferers. That's what my naturopath has just diagnosed me with, though I've suspected it for a while.
    Did you ever have a mono test, or the Epstein Barr test? Blood tests, I mean. Have them do both, as my mono test was negative, but the EBV test was positive.

    Good luck.