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    My Dr. is still waffling about a diagnosis. I know it's hard to pin down. She got the results of my blood tests and now says she's agreeing to send me to the Rheumatologist and also a Ortho for my knees. Says I'm borderline A.I.??? Wonder what side of the border I'm on? Is that like being borderline pregnant? tee-hee? What next?
    Anyway, I'm retiring from my job because it's high stress and I'll be 60 next year, so why push it? Can hardly wait for them to find someone to replace me and I've given to the end of October as long as I can stand it, but if I just can't get out of bed in the morning, then they will have to do something faster. I manage a four building Strata Apartment complex (including a pool) and 70% of them are rentals which I take care of. I'm the head honcho, which means everything falls on my shoulders and I'm tired of it after 15 years. Today one of them asked me to go on Council after I retire (that'll be the day).
    Anyway, my appt. with the Rheumatologist isn't until Sept. and they haven't even told me when the Ortho. one is, so will have to remind them because I'm told it takes quite a few months to get in to see one.
    Anyway, I'm keeping my spirits up and looking forward to getting to work hard on looking after myself for a change.
    Hope you are all doing well and having a good day.
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    This is a good move on your DOCS part, It was a rheummy who Dx'd me, and also found a few other things wrong. Make sure the rheummy specializes in CFS/FM, that will help alot more. Take care and God bless, Iggy
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    Thanks Iggy:
    I'll try to keep a more positive mood about all of this. Definitely feel better after all the kind words received here. I'm still trying to get some rest, but failed miserably today, so am going to bed early.
    I have a wheelchair being delivered tomorrow and will try it out and see if I can get around better without suffering so much. Wrists and shoulders are pretty sore too, but not as much as the lower extremities, so we'll see how it goes.
    I only have one more day work to go this week and then have Sunday and Monday off, so will rest then.
    You all have a great weekend.