Diane, Adrienne Arpel Is Back Sat.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 10, 2011.

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    She is only on tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Eastern Time and on Sun. at noon. I don't know whether this is her Holiday Show or whether that will be on early in Dec. I'm running out of the vitamin C products but want to wait until she has her great deals. I love the melt downs so will probably get some if she has a BOGO on them.

    I've been using the platinum capsules for a few months now and the small puppet lines by my mouth and the very slight sagging at my jowls is noticibly better. My neck is much firmer too. I could use a neck lift but it's not critical yet and, anyway, I can't afford it.

    My skin is like silk and it's from everything together, the argan oil, the 5 Essensials cream with Retinol, the platinum caps and the vitamin C. Sounds like a lot but it lasts forever since I don't use up one thing very fast. It's amazing that her products stay so fresh.

    Just thought I'd mention that she's on in case you need anything. How are her products working for you?

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm sorry your sleep is still messed up. Mine is too. Neighbor had noisy party last night so it made it hard to go to sleep. Will have property mgr. send him a letter.

    I did get up to watch her today while I put up new plantation blinds in guest room. I watched on the TV in that room. I bought the lip plumper but as soon as the blinds were up, I lay down just to rest and fell asleep, so I missed part of the second hour. I'll watch again this afternoon.

    This is supposed to be her big holiday show but she usually has BOGO's and this time, seems she's only giving extra gifts in her kits. I need some vitamin C products but was hoping for the big kit with double creams and capsules. Actually, it was online so I may just be able to order it any time. I saw the melt downs but decided to wait for some of the other flavors. She often offers BOGO's on them in the larger jars.

    She mentioned another holiday show in Dec. but it is usually the Nov. show which has all the good deals. That and her anniv. show in May. She did say that Retinol and vitamin C were the two top things recommended by dermatologists. That is what mine recommended following my topical chemo. I like the argan oil too and the platinum caps. Have you noticed any improvement since using the platinum?

    Talk to you after this afternoon's show or tomorrow's. There is a big sale at Beall's tomorrow and my neighbor and I are going in the morning. It's probably the biggest sale of the year. I have my eye on some nice pieces in the same line as the top I bought last week. A few pieces could produce a whole wardrobe.

    Take care.
    Love, Mikie

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    Id like to try this but don't know what to start with. I'm 63 and dry skin. Med complexion with redness. Any help appreciated. Love Gail
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    Diane, you are using a lot of the same things I use. I ended up getting the double jar of vitamin C caps because they were a good deal. I'm running out of vitamiin C day cream but if I use the caps, I can use other day creams. Still, I love the vitamin C products. Her last "surprise" kit contaned the 24 Karat Gold Melt Down and it's devine. Leaves the skin glowing. I'm tempted to try some of the products in that line too. It's addictive but the better I look, the more I want :)

    I got great deals at Bealls. I got tan dress slacks with four tops which all go together. I have a black jacket so I now have some dressier, but not dressy, outfits. The third color is a brick rust red in one of the tops. The tan slacks will also look great with animal prints.

    Gail, Adreinne uses the vitamin C products in her line. They are for over-40 skin. For dry skin, you can't beat her argan oil line. Her Five Essentials cream is cheap and contains Retinol. She often has BOGO's on it. Once you get your skin in good shape, it just keeps getting better and easier to maintain. Adrienne has been in the business more than 40 years and had counters in the best dept. stores. She does the makeup for many TV shows and for red carpet shows for the celebs. Her products are of the highest quality, many made by pharmaceuticals, but because she sells on HSN, she keeps the prices low. If you watch her on HSN, you may find the line which seems to be the best fit for you. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with the vitamin C line.

    She's got her last show starting at noon here in the East. I'm hoping for a great vitamin C BOGO kit but if she doesn't have one, I'll wait to see what she has in Dec. Yes, it is true that her products do not go rancid, even the creams I dip my fingers into. That's why I am willing to stock up on them.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just ordered the big vitamin C kit for $79 with free S&H. Wish it were a BOGO kit but it's such a great deal that I decided to get it. It has the instant uplift eye pads and the neck lift, both of which I've been wanting to try.

    I can't believe how good my old skin looks. I hope she never stops selling her products.

    Love, Mikie

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive been using bare minerals but I'd like some change. Do you know if they are paraben and sulfite free? I'm going to try to order some thx love Gail

    LEFTYGG Member

    I am going to order in the next week. I've just been trying to not use to many chemicals in food shampoo. Etc but this sounds good. Love gail
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    And I gave her some vitamin C caps to try. She tried one and it irritated her skin around her mouth so she can't use the caps. She uses some other brand of vitamin C cream and tolerates it well. Adrienne says the caps are very powerful and not for the under-40 crowd. I think the results can be like too powerful vitamin A (Retinol) which can cause irritation and peeling.

    My new big vitamin C kit arrived already and I'm anxious to use the under-eye pads and neck lift cream. Those pads can be used around the mouth too or anywhere one needs to be moisturized and "plumped up." I think I'll conserve them and only use one pad at a time and move it around on the face. She suggests moving them around. I figure, why use two and throw them both away when I'm through moving them all over my face. They stay moist forever so why not just use one and move it around.

    I never believed that at age 67, my skin could look this good. I also never believed that I could go out without makeup but I can if I want to. I was a sun worshiper and had teenage and adult acne (fortunately without any scars). It is an advantage living in a humid climate but our dry season is just ahead and the drier air and breezes can dry out the skin. Still, it's nothing like living in CO where it's sooooo dry.

    Glad to hear such good results, Diane, and, Gail, I hope you like her products. If not, just return within 30 days for a full refund.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm of Western European Descent so my lips are basically just horizontal lines. Decided to try the lip plumping kit but I hope my lips don't get as big as Adrienne's. They're OK for her but would likely look strange on me. Remember Goldi Hawn in "First Wives' Club" or Charlie's Mom on "Two and a Half Men?" Liver lips! This kit is a temporary plumper and the more one uses it, the bigger the plump. So, if they start getting to be too much, I can stop using the capsules. The cost for the whole kit was $18.50, the price of one of her lipsticks. I got the capsules, a lipstick and a liquid lipstick duo. I'll let y'all know how it goes with the lips.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've seen those lipsticks with the plumper in them. As far as I can tell, the capsules are the only thing with the plumper in them in my kit. My lips feel a little tingly when I first put the stuff on. I can't believe the value of this kit. Heck, I'd probably pay a lot more for just the plumper alone. I have quite a few of her lipsticks so I really didn't need any more; however, I do like the liquid ones which are glossy. One is a long-lasting one.

    I have seen that lash thickener on TV but a side effect can be permanent darkening of the irises in the eye. I have blue eyes and don't want them to go dark. My lashes and brows have thinned out over the years. I just apply two coats of mascara. There are mascaras which have little fibres in them which stick to the lashes and extend them and make them look thicker.

    I recently had a skin breakout on my chin. It came at the same time as a Herx from the Acyclovir and a Sjogren's flare which caused a sore in my mouth on the lower gum. I have a little light which has both red and blue waves. The blue is for acne and I used it to help heal the breakout. It worked great. The red waves are supposed to increase collagen in the skin but I need to ask my dermatologis about it because I worry about stimulating the skin cancer. I still get a few cancer cells which appear now and then. She freezes them now.

    My skin is amazing and I'm sooooo happy with it. We have so much on our plates and it's nice to have one thing under control. Here's to Adrienne!

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad you found a nice set of cookware. I had to switch from my old cast iron/enamelware years ago as it was too heavy. I've learned to love my stainless steel. It's a decent brand sold at Macy's and it heats evenly and cleans up well. The good news is that they often sell other pieces, like baking pans, on specials for nearly nothing. One thing I like about my set is that is has a double boiler for melting things, like chocolate. I don't cook nearly as much any more but when I do, I like to have the right pans.

    This Adrienne show may have some really good buys. I usually resist the so-so deals and wait for the BIG kits, the ones with BOGO's. I am about out of the vitamin C cleansing wipes and hope to get a kit with more of them. They are great to remove the melts.

    Again, thanks so much for letting me know. I've been so busy. I think HSN sent me a Dec. calendar but I set it down somewhere and will have to dig it up. Lots of great deals there and on QVC right now.

    Sending bug hugs your way.

    Love, Mikie
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    The peptide injection appears to be working but I was sick most of the day. I posted about it under a different thread as so many have been waiting to see how it went. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.

    I held out until the BOGO kit sold out yesterday and they substituted another one in the evening. I'm glad I did as in the last show, the first kit was back. Sold out doesn't always mean sold out. It just means they sold out of what was alloted for that particular show. It had more of the products I wanted. Wish it had the wipes but it has the little pads for wrinkled areas. It also has the neck uplift. I probably would have lasted until the May show. I got the pads and uplift in the last kit and haven't even used them. I could open my own store now. I already got the colloidal gold bronzer, which I love, but this kit offered the colloidal gold illuminator and I chose that.

    You will love the pearl morning cream in the kit you got. I am signed up for the auto delivery on those kits. After the first one, you get a melange of products which she wants us to try. That's how I got that cream but my kit had different products. The first one was all Argan Oil. I'll be receiving my third kit in a month or so. She was showcasing her eyelid platinum product. She has another one for the lower half of the face. I get the capsules for all over the face on autoship. I hope she doesn't discntinue those. They have really helped my slight jowls, neck and puppet lines. A neck lift would do wonders for me but unless I win the LOTTO, that ain't happenin'. If the next kit isn't exciting, I'll call and take myself off the auto ship on those kits. They are always a good deal but I just don't need some of it.

    I have learned over the years that the best deals usually come on the last day. I'm going to look for her BOGO on the melt-away creams. I have the colloidal one, which came in my last "surprise" kit and I love it. I didn't get that good deal on the vanilla kit as I wanted a big BOGO on the vitamin C right now. She often offers her melt aways in the big size as BOGO's in different flavors.

    Because of the cost of these injections, I have been trying to cut back but decided this kit, on easy pay, was just too good to pass up. I've already paid my property taxes and Christmas shopping is done, so I justified it that way. Actually, after the topical chemo for skin cancer, I am supposed to use vitamin C skincare products. So, I guess I could justify it that way. What this whole kit cost would buy one or two products at a spa or the doc's office. Also, my skin has never looked better or healthier so something is working.

    Hope you like the products in your kit.

    Love, Mikie