Diane et al about bread and pasta for border line diabetes !

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    Hi Diane - Et al,

    I know you make so much by scratch but not sure I am up to that but I am getting confused about whole wheat bread and pasta and whole grain. Do I have to use whole wheat flour specifically or is wheat flour in the bread OK too? I have tried some of the whole wheat pastas and the ones I tasted didn't takes very good. I have gotten some whole grains which may be OK but not completely.

    Finding whole wheat bread isn't to hard but whole wheat pasta is and some tastes gross. I may have to go to the health food store nearby that has lots of stuff even though more expensive. I know that you are not supposed to eat anything white . I bought who whole grain pastas today but not sur eif they are the best. I have also seen some no sugar bread in the stores which we have used. It is also confusing when they say it is who wheat and still has sugar and most breads turn to sugar anyway so I am trying to find out more info. They did the yearly glucose test on Dh and it was up to 108 I think, the year before it was 105 I believe. They didn't do the A1c test or whatever it is this time.

    Do you make all of Kevin's breads? Would hate to do that. Not that we both eat lot of bread but with soup and sometimes spaghetti it is good.

    Looking for clues and brands if any of both pastas and breads and rules to follow that might make it easier to follow.

    Hope you both are nice and warm and safe with the bad weather you have gotten lately. We are supposed to get another blast tomorrow or Monday again. It is cold today but much warmer. Most breads seems to have wheat flour as at least one of the ingredients but does it have to say whole wheat flour?? Yep, I am confused and am off t eat lunch and make some split pea soup- - yummy !

    If anyone else has this problem I would be happy to listen ! :confused:

    Granni :)

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    Hi Jam,

    Thanks for responding. Yes, I know some of what you were already saying. Also the way some of the breads and pastas are labeled in the ingredients is a bit confusing. I know that is a good reminder on double carbs but somehow it is just in the head about eating garlic bread and pasta, not that we always have it and when we do I am trying to eat the right bread. We are having bread tonight or some anyway with my split pea soup with ham. I forget the bread we bought. Trying to buy whole wheat in like a loaf similar to garlic French or Italian bread. It has different grains in it I know and was on sale. It is one of those long breads you put in the oven to bake for a very short while.

    Also does it have to say WHOLE WHEAT on the label or ingredients instead of just WHEAT or WHOLE GRAIN?? I have tasted some whole wheat pasta that is awful tasting. Most pastas seems to be either regular or whole grain and not whole wheat. The only whole wheat I found today was the store brand that I had tasted before and really doesn't taste that great. May have to go to another store or the health food store nearby. Already gave away our bread maker that I used not very often, I did in the beginning . Then it sat there and I gave it to one of our DD's.

    No I don't think either of us wants to go to 200 for sure on our glucose level. It surely doesn't sound very healthy I know about the symptoms or should I say the problems that can happen when one has diabetes, lots of adverse effects and symptoms, like neuropathy for just one. Portion control is a problem for DH on some foods including meats. I think that is why he had some problems with cholesterol but has been doing better with the Polichosanol . He can eat a lot more meat than I do. I try the portion control with him , sometimes it works and other times not :)!! He is not particularly a big sweet eater but he does like some at times and when I buy desserts I try and get the low or no sugar. Most of the time we don't eat much bread wither. For breakfast it is usually Cheerios with blueberries or fruit. We try and eat healthy but as you know sometimes old habits are not to easy to break :)!!

    Thanks for posting. TTYL !
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    Granni, portion control is very important. My brother was able to get his numbers back in the normal range by cutting back on what he ate and by getting more exercise. Once he started losing weight his cholesterol and blood sugar numbers went back into the normal range.

    Whole wheat pasta takes a little getting used to. I still use white pasta for mac and cheese as whole wheat just doesn't work. When buying bread you want to look for the words "100% Whole Grain". Believe it or not, whole wheat is NOT 100% whole grain. o_O A friend of mine has a hubbie who is now in the pre-diabetic range and he was told that he couldn't have more than 1/3 cup of cooked rice or pasta.
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    Hi Tiger Lilea,

    That is what I was looking for, at least part of it. I needed to know whether to look for whole wheat or whole grain. Is it the same for pasta too? That is pretty much what they had there, Whole Grain or the regular. Not much whole wheat in the pasta and it was the store brand and not to tasty. Yes, it has a different texture.

    I know about portion control but it is hard to get through the head of DH. He is doing better though :)!! We do exercise some and he is not overweight at all.

    I can use all the info I can get and some of it is a bit confusing. The whole grain tastes better than the whole wheat at least the ones that I have tried (pastas). The breads are even more confusing :)!! No matter what the ingredients say on the label of the bread we know that it turns into sugar, depending on the flour, etc. Wow 1/3 of pasta or rice sure isn't much. Don't know what his A1C is but his glucose went up to 108. So need to keep a watch and go again to check in 6 months.

    Thanks again for your information !

    Granni :confused::)
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    Hi TigerLilea and Jam,

    Both of us have been taking cinnamon caps, at night( 2 500 mg caps at night for awhile now).. Maybe he should take some during the day too. I will maybe try one 500 mg caps for him in the morning. We have been doing that for a few year. My sugar has always been pretty good and am not as big of an eater as he. He is tall and not overweight, all things considered. I think he is usually in the 180s and is about 6 ft or so.

    Thanks to you both for posting. Just was mostly confused between the whole wheat and whole grain and which is best. I thought it was the opposite of what you said Tiger, that whole wheat was better than whole grain. Also on the package it tells you how much actual sugar is in it but thee is always more than they say since the starch or carbs turn to sugar. He was also a big white potato eater but we cut back on that a lot and once in awhile we eat sweet potatoes.

    Granni :)
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    Granni, 100% whole grain includes the entire grain, however, whole wheat has the bran and germ removed. I learned this from watching Oprah many years ago. :)
  7. Mikie

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    Just watched a program on PBS. According to the neurologist/nutritionist, we should not be eating gluten at all. Whole wheat bread is worse for us than plain sugar or a candy bar! He says we should all be eating gluten free. Carbs cause inflammation in the body and can lead to diabetes and, according to him, Alzheimer's disease. He wants us to eat healthy fats, such as those in salmon and eggs, plus healthy veggies and lower glycemic fruit. He has a book, "Grain Brain," which I believe is the brain counterpart to "Wheat Belly," for the stomach. According to both books, whole grains in wheat, barley and rye are the worst thing we can eat.

    I've eating gluten-free pasta and it is delicious. Gluten-free flour is widely available. I'd say, give it a try.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - et al,
    How do you feel since you started eating gluten free? any different? Do you buy gluten free breads . Doubt if I will make it but might try some if already made. I know I have seen lots of gleuten free foods in stores. I guess it is OK for those diabetics too or those on the border line. Wondering how much more expensive the gluten free foods are. Haven't really stop to look. Do you get your GF pasta in the regular store or do you have to go to the health food store, any special brand??

    Thanks for answering. Hope you are feeling better fter your fall.

    Granni :)
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    Well, I am going to check out the gluten free pastas and see what I can find. I just recently found a very nearby health food store, almost across the street from our subdivision. It is very deceiving and you can pass it up really easily. Am going to have o check them out to see what pastas and breads they have. I know about Trader Joes but it is not very close to us.

    Yes, I do agree with you but it is a hard thing to have to get out of your ( my ) head. I have pinched pennies and so did my parents years ago for so long and at that time we never worried about foods. Now you have to worry about almost everything you put in your mouth. It drives me crazy, Pasta is a comfort food for me so I will find something :)!! Mike said she had some tasty gluten free pastas. I really can do without bread most of the time. However, DH is a little different animal but he is getting better with trying to eat or not eat what he should.

    Yes, it is a very smart thing to be able to do what you can not to have to have any more surgery. I know enough people who have had surgeries, mostly back type and afterwards they weren't that much better off and in some cases worse. I am sure you have seen that too.

    Gotta run for now. Thanks again for posting.

    Granni :)
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    Granni, my doctor had me try a gluten free diet and I did not notice any improvement in my health what-so-ever. It is very expensive and I found most of the breads were horrible. The corn pasta tasted the closest to wheat pasta, however, nutritionally it is void of any.

    Remember back in the days when "fat" was the enemy. Today it is "gluten" and tomorrow it will be something else.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm not sure I would make a decision based solely on how I feel. Most people with Type II Diabetes do not notice a difference in the early years. BTW, yes, it was Dr. Perlmutter on PBS. PBS puts on some of the best medical professionals in their specials. I found out it wasn't gluten which was making me sick; it was lactose. Still, I have cut way down on my gluten. I have found Van's GF Ancient Grains waffles, sold in the freezer section, most satisfying. They cost about $3 for six and one fills me up. I can't eat them with my breakfast meats because the doc said not to combine carbs with protein/fats. If ones eats any kinds of carbs by themselves or with fruit, veggies or nonfat dairy, it's OK. One can combine fats/proteins with all veggies but one should eat high-starch veggies in moderation.

    I do feel better when I don't eat gluten even though I can tolerate a bit of it. I drink Lactaid milk or I take a Lactaid tablet before eating cheese, etc. Even Lactaid tablets don't help me with ice cream. I have a hard time with any sugar-free products because they are usually sweetened with Neutrasweet. There are new, more natural sweeteners. I find that when I give up sweets, after a while, I don't miss them.

    BTW, according to the book, "Wheat Belly," it isn't GMO wheat which is causing gluten problems. It's the hybrid strains which account for nearly all wheat grown today. As for price, GF pasta is slightly more expensive but I don't eat much pasta so it doesn't matter to me. The Publix where I shop has a whole GF section but also has GF products among the regular food. Chex rice and corn cereal is GF and costs the same as the other cereals. Rice and corn are high starch so I eat that sparingly with some berries for breakfast. I've only drunk cranberry juice with lemon since having UTI's. I now take the capsules or gummy cranberry concentrate. Doc says juice is a no-no.

    My neighbors have a very expensive juicer which sounds like a chain saw when they whip up their juices. It takes loads of fruits and veggies to get a little juice. I don't think it's healthy. We are better off eating fruits and veggies complete with fibre. Juice makers tout the ease of digestion of juice. Yes, it goes right into the system but it spikes blood sugar and insulin. Eating whole fruits and veggies keep them in the digestive system longer and don't spike blood sugar and insulin. Online, one can find lists off high-glycemic foods to avoid.

    So, after writing "W&P" here, my answer is, yes, I do feel better eating GF and lactose free. It really isn't more expensive and one can convert recipes using GF flour and a natural sugar substitute so one doesn't feel deprived. It falls into my "Chicken Soup Criteria"--it doesn't hurt and it may help.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hmmm, first the sugar and then the carbs. Can't even eat good old Cheerios any more with fruit :)!! Not even sure how many carbs are in it and we eat it every day. We have or had been spending most time trying to avoid the sugars ( that you know are in there). I know there are hidden ones in the carbs. I bought a very small single blender type thing to make drinks. I think it can also do some chopping too. Didn't want to spend a fortune on a good one. Not sure if DH will want to eat anything different than I. If I find a drink that is good for the morning and easy he will probably want a taste. If he likes it I may eventually be forced to go buy a bigger one. The juicers are good too, though about that and they had a few on sale in WM the other day. However, not sure how much I would really use it.

    Does anyone have a god breakfast drink to use that would be healthy or even possibly sometimes for lunch.?

    Do any of you drink Almond milk? I know I is healthy and my daughter that had the cancer is now drinking almond milk. My daughter #1 drinks that too and some skim milk in her drinks. That might taste OK mixed with good stuff.

    However, skim milk by itself doesn't taste to good to me. I remember growing up and all we had was one kind - good old fashion whole milk. Oh, I know it has fat in it and we haven't had that in years. A few years back it was soy and now they are saying that that isn't that great for you either, I guess I will have to starve or be thirsty :)!! he he

    Talk about confusion and changing the subject too. Sorry , my brain is fried any way. Will do more looking around and trying different things. Not sure I can go completely GF or not. We will see.

    Thanks to you all and I will talk back to you later on.

    Love ya,
    Granni :):confused:
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    Jam, et al,

    All I can say is I push myself and could probably stay in bed most of the day. With DH here I won't be able to do that so that is probably a good thing.

    I am probably not going to make a lot of changes but trying to figure out this sugar/wheat or gluten thing is enough for me right now. Just going to take one thing at a time and do some investigating on my own and see what might work. Changing old habits as you know is not always an easy thing to do. Just trying to figure out what might work on the pasta and bread issue first. Still have other stuff also in the pantry I have to use first. Not going to throw it out.

    Thanks all for your tidbits of info. I appreciate it very much.

    Granni :)
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    I have been wondering if a gluten free diet would be good for my IBS issues. I have type 2 diabetes too, so I'm already on a lower carb food plan. My cholesterol is high so I'm not supposed to eat too much meat/eggs/fats. If I go gluten free what will I eat?

    A lot of veg's cause me stomach pain and gas and anything but small amounts of fruit are not allowed on low carb diets. Can't digest nuts either.
  15. TigerLilea

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    According to Dr. Oz, a lot of what is diagnosed as IBS is actually Celiac Disease. Have you ever been tested for it, Granni?
  16. Granniluvsu

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    Hi everyone,

    Those digestive symptoms that I had were years ago, like the diarrhea and tummy distress, and I haven't had that in years. I just figured IBS and most of it is gone by itself. No I never was tested for Celiac, Tigerlilea. Now I have what I have had most of my life, constipation if I don't take my magnesium. Most of the time I don't have to many problems with that and if I do I take a stool softener. Most of my problem now is just gas. Not that much pain just embarrassing at the wrong times :)! If you know what I mean.

    Gb66 - I don't know much about the gluten free stuff. Just starting to look into it and not sure we will go completely GF. Maybe some for DH and a little for me. Some people go completely GF and someone like that might be able to tell you what is best to eat. Having more than one problem can make it difficult I suppose on trying to figure out what to eat and what works for you.

    Are you taking any supplements for high cholesterol? You might want to try Policosanol (SP). DH takes that and it seems to help. His total isn't to bad but he has more bad cholesterol that he should and less good (HDL) I believe. DH tried Policosanol years ago and then got off and tried something else. Then, Jam reminded me of it and so he is trying that again. At his last blood work it seemed to be helping. There are different dosages to try if you don't want to try the 20 mg. I think there is 5, 10 and 20 mg, I think.

    Some of this is a bit new to me. Thanks everyone for posting. This post seems to be branching out on its own:)!!

    Hugz and good luck to all with this (those) problem, finding out what is best for them and works !! We all have to try and figure out what is best to help each of our problems, and when you have more than one it really makes it hard.

    Granni :)