Diane et al about bread and pasta for border line diabetes !

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Granni, just an awareness of what some foods can do to us especially in our older age....if you and DH feel good, do what you feel is good for you both.

    Almond milk messes with thyroid as does the SOY culprit.

    I use only Coconut Oil and Milk as I've done my research on so much over my recent old years.

    Yesterday, I was falling over with fatigue after the cereal breakfast so today I cooked up broccoli and chicken sausage and we'll see how my fatigue plays out....

    It's much easier for me, as I cook only for me...so I understand where a lot come from who cook for others....

    All in all you seem to have a lot of energy, line dancing, one needs energy for that....
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    Jam, et al,

    All I can say is I push myself and could probably stay in bed most of the day. With DH here I won't be able to do that so that is probably a good thing.

    I am probably not going to make a lot of changes but trying to figure out this sugar/wheat or gluten thing is enough for me right now. Just going to take one thing at a time and do some investigating on my own and see what might work. Changing old habits as you know is not always an easy thing to do. Just trying to figure out what might work on the pasta and bread issue first. Still have other stuff also in the pantry I have to use first. Not going to throw it out.

    Thanks all for your tidbits of info. I appreciate it very much.

    Granni :)
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    I have been wondering if a gluten free diet would be good for my IBS issues. I have type 2 diabetes too, so I'm already on a lower carb food plan. My cholesterol is high so I'm not supposed to eat too much meat/eggs/fats. If I go gluten free what will I eat?

    A lot of veg's cause me stomach pain and gas and anything but small amounts of fruit are not allowed on low carb diets. Can't digest nuts either.
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    A good place to start IF you eat breads and crackers, get on gluten free on both of these....

    I don't use breads anymore but if I had your IBS issue this is what I would do...start slowly, gluten is in SO MUCH.

    On cholesterol, I'm not worried about it as I believe it's a fear put into us by medicine...we need good cholesterol...do some resarch on the cholesterol myth.... But, you know me on this board, I don't have tons of trust in conventional medicine..... jam
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    According to Dr. Oz, a lot of what is diagnosed as IBS is actually Celiac Disease. Have you ever been tested for it, Granni?
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    Hi everyone,

    Those digestive symptoms that I had were years ago, like the diarrhea and tummy distress, and I haven't had that in years. I just figured IBS and most of it is gone by itself. No I never was tested for Celiac, Tigerlilea. Now I have what I have had most of my life, constipation if I don't take my magnesium. Most of the time I don't have to many problems with that and if I do I take a stool softener. Most of my problem now is just gas. Not that much pain just embarrassing at the wrong times :)! If you know what I mean.

    Gb66 - I don't know much about the gluten free stuff. Just starting to look into it and not sure we will go completely GF. Maybe some for DH and a little for me. Some people go completely GF and someone like that might be able to tell you what is best to eat. Having more than one problem can make it difficult I suppose on trying to figure out what to eat and what works for you.

    Are you taking any supplements for high cholesterol? You might want to try Policosanol (SP). DH takes that and it seems to help. His total isn't to bad but he has more bad cholesterol that he should and less good (HDL) I believe. DH tried Policosanol years ago and then got off and tried something else. Then, Jam reminded me of it and so he is trying that again. At his last blood work it seemed to be helping. There are different dosages to try if you don't want to try the 20 mg. I think there is 5, 10 and 20 mg, I think.

    Some of this is a bit new to me. Thanks everyone for posting. This post seems to be branching out on its own:)!!

    Hugz and good luck to all with this (those) problem, finding out what is best for them and works !! We all have to try and figure out what is best to help each of our problems, and when you have more than one it really makes it hard.

    Granni :)