Diane - how are you doing my friend ??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Hope you and Kevin are feeling better and that those kitties are giving you both lots of joy. So happy you got little Rosie . I t sounded like you and they all were bouncing back pretty well and all the kitties enjoying each other. Glad there isn't to much kitty sibling rivalary, even if they aren't all siblings (but they live together like siblings).

    Have you heard anything at all from Jerry (green onions)? I sure do miss them . I enjoyed our almost daily posts. They are all such a wonderful family, kitties and all. If you hear from them please tell them hi and I am thinking of them all.

    Drop a line when you can. Have to go and get the food ready for the grill - veggies ( inc mushrooms) and some shrimp and scallops. This should be interesting. We had something similar at a neighbors some time ago. They have moved and so now have to do it ourselves, or try to. To bad Kevin doesn't like scallops and shrimp or can't eat them, I forget.

    Hope to hear from you soon again.

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  2. Granniluvsu

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    I was starting to worry and am sorry that you both have been sick with the flu/bronchitis or whatever. I know about that. When I get it I am down for the count. I have been taking 200 mg of GSE 2x a day . I think that has been helping. If I feel like I am getting a URI and take some more. I also have some 100 mg. caps I had to buy at one time what have come in handy. I have been buying the 200 mg most of the time now.

    Rosie sounds so cute, with all her meowing, etc. Sounds like an active andt vocal little child who wants to make sure she knows where you are at all times :)!! To bad you can't send a picture of her to put on the boards.

    Pretty much the same around here except that my DD that was found to have breat cancer it turned out to be worse than thought. What they thought were two small tumors was one bigger one. She has already had a the double mastectomy (luckiky she decided on that as they found another one in the other breast AFTER it was removed). She will most likely be having Chemo and fter that whe ill have radiation. I think that was her decision. She has been doing a lot of investigating on line as well as some info from my cousin who was a retired pathologist. After that she will probably also take the daily oral hormonal therapy. She will be going through a lot and hope she doesn't get to sick with it Although I imagine she will lose her hair. Her hair is very short anyway. She has no small children to take care of which makes it good. He husband is very good too although he has a lot of work responsibilities.
    Yes, any prayers you have will be appreciated. Also daughter #3 is still job hunting. We gave her some $ for her to fix herself up some along with other things she might need. So, hope that will help.

    My singing responsibilities have started up again too. So, I am getting very busy.. Some of our small group tried out and got picked to do a song for the show - all abouat love. Do you remember HEART and SOUL? I am sure Rocks does and probably Jam. it is one of those much older songs but many knew. My hardest thing for me is trying to smile while I do it with my chronic myofascial pain . I need to practice looking into the mirror smiling :)!!

    Can't think of anything else right now. I hope you completely get over the crud and Kevin too. That is no fun especially when it starts getting nice weather. It is just starting to cool off some now, at least in the early mornings and overnight. I know in PA, you never know too :)!!! You may be getting some chily weather now.

    Have you heard anything at all from Jerry and gang. I sure do miss them and hope they are all OK.

    Drop a line again when you can. More later on.

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    Granni, I'm so sorry about the news of your DD. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Leah, so glad you are able to post. We miss you when you're gone.

    Diane, we have one kittie in common, Tweety is also vocal. If I don't get Simon's food down for him, Tweety will get in my kitchen window and yowl for me to feed him. She eats inside. She's really not particularly fond of Simon but I guess her better cat instincts kick in and she wants to be sure he gets fed. She's also a good watch cat. After she ate inside this morning, she was in the kitchen window yowling for me. When I opened the door, she stood looking straight out at the street. Then, she led me down to the landing where I could hear men's voices. Turns out it was two men walking their dogs early. She knew that's not normal. I told her it was OK so she let it go. Kitties are sooooo much smarter than we ever realize.

    Love to everyone and healing hugs too.

    Love, Mikie

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