Diane - How are you doing?

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    Hi Diane, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing and also wondering if you have heard anything much from Jerry, the family and his kittie crew.

    Drop a note (post) when you get a chance to. I miss seeing what has been going on in both of your house holds.

    Nothing really to much going on here except it is pretty hot !! Last Saturday we went into the big city for grand daughter's HS graduation. She i s going to the U of Alabama in the fall and is going this weekend for parent weekend and other activities. She is so excited but it is so far away from home. It doesn't bother her though. She went to see a very good friend in Australia this past Christmas by herself. Sheis lucky her parents wee both working then and they were generous enough to let her go. When I was her age and younger we went hardly anywhere, little money for one thing.

    Our middle daughter lost her job a few months ago and still doesn't have a job. She was scheduled to moved from the rental home this month and so is doing so. Lucky enough her brother and dil have let her stay there till the summer is over. The kids will be at dads or other grandfathers. Hope that works out. After the summer is over hopefuly she will have a job and will be able to get an apartment in the area she was in before for Jake to go to school, the youngest, almost 11 yrs.old.

    Have to run for now. Just thinking about you and hope to hear from you soon. I see some of your posts about food and that interests me to. It is also hot here and I am getting lazier and my lower back is also bugging me more. Have choir practice tonight- ugh love it be hate to have to get up and go.


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    Diane - was beginning to wonder if you were really sick or should I say sicker that usual, since I hadn't heard from you in some time. Glad to hear that you have been doing OK, just sick Heather but glad she id oing better now. Also glad that Kevin is getting his BD under control and went to a nutritionist. I am sure that can be very heplful with is died and his cooking. I know we should buy more fruits but DH is not much of a fruit eater, not that I am . However, we do eat berries most f the time on our cereal. Today we went to the grocery store and DH actually said to buy a cantaloupe. We do like it but have to cut it up and all. We have a couple apples that have been sitting the refrig. for some time. What med is Kevin on for BS? Does he take cinnamin supps.at all, we both do ??

    So sorry to hear that Wendy had a bad fall and lots of broken bones, I think you said or it was not to good, lots of recovery and I am sure pain. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. please let them know if you hear from him. Can't understand why he could not get back on PH when they had the changes. I sure do miss his posts as I do yours too.

    Jam - I like fruits but can't understand how some people want to just eat them all day. I think I sure would have a bad tummy ache, especially with all the Mag. I have been taking for my osteoporosis :)!!.

    Diane again -Hope to hear froam you soon again and that no one gets sick either including those kitties. Are you feeling any better yourself??

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    Diane - I was surprised when you mentioned chicken Italian sausages. I don't think I have seen them. If I did, I didn't pay much attention. Have to look for them. I've been using the seet or mild in tomatoe sauce when I make spaghetti. It gives it alot of flavor. Have you used the Italian Chicken Sausage in Spaghetti or whatever red sauce? I guess you could also use some ground turkey meat in the sauce too. I have bought some ground turkey meat to use for hamburgers ( I mixed some of it with beef and it tasted good with all the seasonings (whatever you like).

    Do you have any recipes for using ground turkey? Do you use it much by itself or use it mixed with other meats for more flavor. Have you ever used it for meat loaf with other meats? Your stir fry sounds like it sound be quite tasty, let us know if you can. I think some low sodium soy souce might taste good with that if you like Soy sauce anyway. We love it and try to buy the low sodium. Will Kevin eat any of it or make his own stuff. Again I say. you are to lucky having a husband that cooks most of the time :)!!

    Glad you are feeling at lest a little better . I know what you mean about not much energy. It can be very frustrating too at times. Glad Kevin is doing OK with his BS. DH seems to be doing OK. I have to get him to check his BS every now and then. When he does itis always below or w ithin the normal range.

    Jam - Hi to you too and hope all is well. Don't eat to many fruits :)!! I'm not sure If I have ever had a mango or know what it looks like. We bought a canataloupe and have to remember to cut it up when it gets a bit riper. I know we should eat more fruits, we are trying !! We do pretty good on the veggies.

    Hugs to awl,

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    Can you also by ground chicky or dod you grind yours or chop it up really small or what? Trying to learn how to cook diferently after all these years is not super easy :)!!

    I will have to buy some bok choy. I know I have seen it in the grocery store by the produce but has never bought it. I will try and remember to buy it. Glad you both like to cook since you both like or can tolerate different things !! You must give me some more ideas.


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    However, perhaps the trick to that is mix in some ground beef too. I'm sureif you mix it all together with the onion and all that good stuff the grd turkey might even taste OK. Have you tried the ground turkey burgers by themself at all (no beef or pork added)?

    Yes, the way you make them they are more like mini meat loavves with all that good stuff in there. Lately I have gotten so lazy. The pain just gets to me and I just want to take the patty and throw it on the grill or frying pan. Sometimes it is the outside grill and sometime the inside grill. Haven't done it in the frying pan in a very long time. Yes, we don;t really fry much at all it is mostly sauteeing.

    Thanks for your tips and any more to come. I will have to look also for the ground chicken. I had thought it ws groud turkey. Is there much difference in flavor do you think? Neither one has much or any fat.

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