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  1. jaminhealth

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    Hey Diane, I know you were getting to taking Lemon Balm to help with sleep.

    I thought I was doing good with my sleep combo, but then a person on the Cognitive board posted about the bad effects of Lorazepam which I take, 1/4mg with my sleep combo...so thinking about this...Just MAYBE the joints are worse due to lorazepam build up...even thou I take so little, it can build up, I suppose.

    Deep Sleep Herbal Sleep product has herbs containing Lemon Balm and California Poppy...but I thought I'd try the Lemon Balm along with my other "stuff" and get off the lorazepam..

    I may even get a new bottle of Deep Sleep and work with it too.

    So, how's the Lemon Balm doing for you. jam
  2. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I just ordered some Lemon Balm capsules and will add them to my combo....want to wean off the 1/4mg lorazepam that I take with my sleep combo...

    I thought I got good sleep but is Rem different from Deep Sleep....I dream pretty good...

    Waking up refreshed and great does not happen, maybe too all the OA pain stuff keeps me from being refreshed.....great possibility.
  3. jaminhealth

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    about 7:30PM with my reg sleep combo and took 1/8mg of lorazepam just before bed with calms forte' and last night, my first wake up was 4:45AM for the bathroom vs my normal 2-3AM time...

    So I slept much much better last night....

    Eventually, will get off all lorazepam for the sleep. Love when GOOD things happen with new supps. jam
  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    and I take it with my combo starting at 7:30PM....I'm even almost off lorazepam, down to 1/8mg, I take a little bite off the 1/4mg tab....soon I wont' even do that...sleep 8-10 hrs...thank goodness for the great sleep, otherwise, I'd really be a horrible basket case with this painful back cwap....jam
  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    the Lemon Balm even gives me longer and deeper sleep.

    I've talked about it on a thread on the FM board about the horrible dangers of Ambien.....Thanks again Diane....
  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Lemongrass Oil (essential) a drop or so behind the ear to help with pain.....

    I'll get it soon. jam
  7. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    it's in my next order...I'll keep you posted for sure...jam
  8. LadyCarol

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    jam, how are you getting on with your sleep combination ?

    Have you completely stopped taking Lorazepam now ?
    If so did you notice any differences in your sleep duration and your general well-being during the daytime ?

    Do you get up for a bathroom visit during the night or do you sleep right through ?

    Would you provide a complete list of the sleep combination you are using and the time you take each component prior to bed please.

    Does the combination help control anxiety during the day or do you not suffer with anxiety issues ?

  9. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I'm on another health group and just posted my *Sleep Cure Journal* the other day. And yes, I'm totally off lorazepam... Last night I woke up once for bathroom and got right back to sleep, no calms forte' needed...this morning I woke up at 8:45 and again in NO PAIN....thanks to Anatabloc...

    No I don't have anxiety during the days, but have to say last night I watched the 2nd half of super bowl and found myself getting tense and stressed with the "action" of the game...I don't watch football for yrs now but decided to watch some of this and amazing how the stress hits the body.

    Here is what I told that group:

    I have always been a good sleeper, then in 1999 when the Fibro attacked my body, emotional trauma, everything changed, I was 61. Sleep changed a lot, the body went thru trauma.

    So I worked and worked on sleep issues, NEVER going the "drug" route for sleep...too too unnatural. Those drugs really mess up our sleep patterns....

    So finally probably 2 yrs ago I "GOT IT"....for me here is what works and works pretty darn good:

    7PM I take 1/2 mg Melatonin (source naturals)
    500mg Lemon Balm
    500mg Inositol (from Vit B family)

    The above is getting the body ready for sleep.

    Then about 9PM I take
    500mg Lemon Balm again OR
    500mg GABA (I rotate these 2)

    Usually start going to bed about
    10:30PM or so and at that point
    when I lay my head on pillow, I
    take 1 Calms Forte' (homeopathic)

    This puts me into a good deep sleep,
    when I wake up for bathroom at 3-4AM
    and feel I can't get back to sleep I take
    1 Calms Forte' and I'm back to a nice

    Now, since I'm on Anatabloc for going on 4
    weeks, I sleep even better MOST nights and
    waking up in NO PAIN.....and nice dreams...
    Anatabloc knocks down the inflammation and
    is a food based supplement.

  10. LadyCarol

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    That's good hear and encouraging.

    Why do you switch between 500mg Lemon Balm OR 500mg GABA every other day ?

    Did you notice you had better sleep with just GABA or was it better still with Lemon Balm ?

  11. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    with supplements so to speak...I've used them for 20some yrs and they have been lifesavers in many areas.

    Come to think of it, I think I sleep better with the 2 caps of Lemon Balm, bottle says 2 caps daily....

    Last night I took the Lemon Balm 2 caps and when I
    woke for the bathroom I got right back to sleep....

    So, perhaps the Lemon Balm is best and I'll stay off the GABA for a while to see....
  12. LadyCarol

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    Jam, are you taking in too much fluid during the day that's resulting in you having to get up during the night ?

    I don't get up during the night unless I've taking in too much fluid. I find taking Cranberry extract helps with the bladder.

    Regarding sleep issues, how long did you need to take your sleep combo before it helped with your sleep onset ? I'm sometimes taking an hour or so to get to sleep. I'm taking Lemon Balm and Valerian prior to going to bed.

  13. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    to keep hydrated which keeps "joints" from being too stiff too. I get up usually once a night and that is OK with me, then right back to sleep. I don't know too many in my age bracket who don't wake up for bathroom runs during the night. The less fluid intake, the more joint issues, for me anyway....

    I don't do well with valerian and eliminated it yrs ago.

    I posted my sleep cure in a journal on another health board and maybe even here somewhere and I'll be glad to post it if you want to see my "stuff"....which includes Lemon Balm.

    It's been so long since I'm on a sleep cure receipe, but it
    didn't take long as I recollect back in my memory, I'm on this protocol for about 3 yrs it seems.
  14. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    What happened to you when you tried valerian ? Didn't it help sleep or was there some other problem ?
  15. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    and it never helped, but I was in my early years of the sleep
    issues, then I read somewhere in all my alternative magazines about the negatives of Valarian...so I gave up
    on even trying it longer..
  16. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    What were the negatives of Valerian ?
  17. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    maybe that it doesn't work for many....I just blew it
    off as not for me.

    You could do a google check on: Valerian negatives or something like that.

    Before I was able to formulate my sleep combo, I took Deep Sleep
    which has a proprietary blend which includes Valerian, Lemon
    Balm and other stuff and it was good, but pricey....so
    I worked on getting my own combo with the help of another
    friend who has been on this board yrs ago.

    In my combo, I use a low dose melatonin which many needs as aging
    happens...we lose that hormone.[This Message was Edited on 02/18/2013]
  18. jaminhealth

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    it's another...

    Anyhow, if anyone reading this has thyroid issues and lemon balm isn't really helping, then it's because lemon balm is goitrogenic.

    Do some research on this Lemon Balm and Goitrogenic, it's been working so well for me and I'm HypoT and take the
    thyroid support, etc...

    I think what I'll do for the next night for sure is NOT take
    the Lemon Balm, up the Inositol and see how I sleep...I've
    been sleeping so good with the LB...

    It says LB would be good for those with Graves Disease and HyperT......
  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I just did 3 forms of my muscle testing which includes pendulum work and got a WEAK No reply on Lemon Balm for me....I never tested it, just never thought it wasn't good for me re: thyroid....

    So, what I'm going to do and I hope I can still sleep is
    take 2 Inositol in my sleep combo, will stop LB and see how
    it goes, I do NOT want to start taking the Lorazepam.

    Since on Anatabloc I'm sleeping better anyway, so hopefully this will work.....
  20. LadyCarol

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    I don't understand what you mean, what do you mean "WEAK No reply on Lemon Balm for me..." ?

    There are plenty of positive benefits taking Lemon Balm which for many would far outweigh any negatives. Regarding the potential Goitrogen connection remember there are many many natural foods that have a Goitrogen connection and plenty of people happily eat them without impact on their thyroid.

    The only really way you'll be able to ascertain if Lemon Balm is impacting your thyroid is to run a series of blood tests over a period of time to monitor your thyroid. There are of course many other variables to consider (e.g. supplements, food and drinks etc.).

    In summary if you are finding you doing ok with Lemon Balm and you are still concerned then you could try reducing your dosage to one 500 mg per night prior to going to bed.

    I'm doing well on one 500 mg Lemon Balm prior to bed and I'm not concerned about a Goitrogen connection, Lemon Balm offers many benefits including an overnight antioxidant.