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    Take a break, as you said in the lounge thread you needed,
    for however long you need, whenever you want or need to, friend,

    however, PLEASE do not take one because you think you are bringing us down.!!

    You are not bringing us down.!

    It makes us feel useful if we can take turns being supportive to eachother, and that includes you!

    There will be other times you will help us, as youhave SO many other times!

    And you do NOT need to be laughing and smiling and joking, to be a valuable person to us!!

    Take good care,
    don't rush,
    but know that we will continue to care and hope and think about YOU!!

    (I too would feel very very upset after the response you got from your dr office,
    however, ANy chance you could look for a different dr?
    Or just bear with this one for a while, to see if he is of any help to you,
    and remember to know that you can decide to look for someone else later on, if need be?)

    We care about you, and none of us are 'up' all of the time!!

    You don't need to be cheerful for us.

    Hangin there, and let us know how you are, whenever YOU feel like it!

    Leah Freida
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    I think I must have lost something along the way . to busy and not ready all the posts and getting ready to go away, then back and away again, even if for a day or to. Every time we go anywhere it is a production with me to remember meds and supps, ets. Of cousrse some I do without for a day or two or three but when gone 10 days , not so :)!!

    I do understand your feelings about that senseless doctor you had to take. Hopefully, you can find another on your plan but I know that is not always so easy to do, been there done that.

    Venting is GOOD and that is not complaining and it doesnpt bring us down. Please listen to me, Leahand others you are very important to us and make us feel great to hear from you, whether happy or mad a athe doc, or whtever. We do understand. Hope you weren't thinking of taking a break at least for long as we wold really miss you. VENT ANY TIME YOU WANT TO SWEETIE. I KNOW I DO MY SHARE EVERY NOW AND THEN. Getting ready to go see DGS play in the city for his HS. He is one of the backstage people. Glad DH decided to go as he is not thrilled with having to dtrive up there. I know I wouldn't with my high b/p and all. We will spend the night and come back early in the morning. They are all busy and DH needs to get back to work on the Fish Fry !! Then next week we leave for a couple of days at the Galveston shore but believe me we are not swimming - burrr !!! More like eating good seafood, relaxing and looking into the little shops down there.

    Please do not think you are bothering us by your venting. Yes, and if we can give a helpful hint or two we will be very happy especially if the hints work :)!!!

    Thanks also for you history or a bit of it. It helps us more to understand you and your situation.

    Hope you will not be leaving us and if you feel somehow you need to, hope it is not for to long. I am already missing so many dear friends who have just disappeared, or at least some didn't mention it before going.

    Just remember we love you and you are not complaining you are VENTING and that is allowed on these boards or at least chit chat ! More later on. Will be leaving for the big city soon.

  3. Granniluvsu

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    THAT YOU AT NOT A DOWNER AT ALL SWEETIE. Most of the time you are just great and other times when you need to VENT just, DO IT. That is what we are supposed to do , be there for each other.

    More later hon. Gotta leave soon.

  4. freida

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    It's very good to see your reply,
    and I thank you so much for writing it!

    Remember, We are not fair weather friends around here.

    We each take our turns with our ups and downs, our difficulties and upsets. OUr strengths and our weaknesses. OUr humor, our discouragement, our inspiration, our greif, our fears.

    I understand the feeling you described, I too have some times when I overwhelmingly crash, and feel like I cannot cope, and that ordinary challenges make me extremely anxious and panicked and a wreck. I get terrifies too.
    Often something has pushed me over the edge, like your dr call, after a period of prolonged worry, like you've had over your drs friday info, last week.

    It's all so understandable.

    Believe me, this was not my prior personality either!! I too was once capable of accomplishing worthwile jobs and jugling stressors.

    Our body's health problems effects our feelings and our thoughts, and brings on tendencies toward panic, which are natural defenses against threats we feel.

    I am so sorry, because I do know how hard it is sometimes.

    I also know that you have a lot of range to yourself, and there is a lot more to you as a full person,
    than all of this distress and even of your medical conditions.

    Those medical conditions, and the frustrations of limits to our drs and the insurance systems, etc,
    all add up, and understandably upset us.

    You've made it through the past times you felt like this, and I know you will again, even though I know it feels awful.

    Your path is going to go on, and you will figure out how best to deal with this, there's no instant rush to that.

    We are hear to listen and to give ideas.

    If you choose to delete any of your above post (I have done that sometimes, even though I see nothing wrong with yours, you do need to feel comfortable)...
    If you delete, consider deleting part and not the entire post,
    since that would also make all of our responses go away.

    But do that too, if you feel more comfortable!

    Take good care.
    You are a valuable person around here.
    ANd at your home as well!

    Pooh on that dr and office, they can't invade your home or our board. We won't let them on here. LOL


    P.S. Diane, Not to pressure you!!!! but just to let you know that
    your posts DO us a lot of good!
    It is helpful what we all share,including you, because we all go through times like you are, and because we do care, and because we learn from eachother, aND because we LIKE being here for eachother and helping by being supportive. It actually gives some of us with limited lives, more of a purpose, to remain helpful to other nice people like you!!

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  5. springwater

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    So understand what you're going through

    I've been on a roller coaster journey
    With my health for longer
    Than I can remember.

    I try so hard to help myself with
    All sorts of therapies and when I get taken
    Down yet aGain by some attack that comes
    At me out of the blue, I'm fit to scream.

    Since I'm alone during the day I do scream
    Sometimes. Only the dogs see and hear.

    The past month I've shouted out aloud
    To God as to why He'd created me in
    The first place, if He couldn't take care
    Of me. And why would He want to drive
    People over the edge before helping them?

    I've had weird conditions like severe PMS-sy
    Attacks, jittery, anxious, rage, aching body,
    Muscles and then some weird pain in right
    Side of abdomen and back which doesn't come
    Up in ultrasounds and recedes and appears at
    It's own sweet will.

    Having both parents pass of cancer and having
    A elder brother who is undergoing chemo
    Presently doesn't help my peace of mind any.

    Just wanted to let you know I understand
    And you are I my prayers as are most of the
    Board members here, on the porch and spirituality

    Try to pamper yourself, try to release your feelings
    In certain ways, beating a pillow? Writing down
    Your angst and then burning..whatever, get it out.

    Love and God bless and prayers for a quick and
    Long lasting healing
  6. Granniluvsu

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    I am so glad that you are feeling little better today. You're right we should be here for each other, no matter what and VENTING is good for you. I hope you can start going to see the doc 1x a year soon and that no extra trips are warranted. In the meanwhile just have your tests done and go from there and if you think you need to you might want to start looking for another doc or researching the prospect if he makes you feel sicker than you should be.

    TTYL on another thread.
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