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  1. Mikie

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    My dear friend, I hope you are OK and only taking a little time away from the board. We all miss you, especially the Loungers. Bless you.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    I'll third that and I know there are many more who will do so, even if they don't get to actually post for one reason or another.

    Love you !!
  4. Granniluvsu

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    I need to rush off to a hair appt. but wanted to acknowlege that I had read you lovely post. So glad to have you bak sweetie but you go rest now. We don't expect you to be on the boards constantly :)!! Even though we do enjoy reading them. You need to rest. As said before, we miss you when you are gone.

    Glad all is more of less the same or OK but sorry for all you have to endure, physical and mental. Post when you are up to it again. AHHH- but now I feel better that you are OK and coming back.

    Love ya.
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    Know you are going through it with the herxing and we will be praying for you!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!!


  6. Mikie

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    I'm so glad you posted but wish you were feeling better. Take care of yourself and rest. You'll be welcomed any time you're ready to start posting again. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm not worried about the surgery because it might have been so much worse. Last time I had surgery on my arm, I came and posted with one hand. I'll let everyone know how I am as soon as I'm no longer stoned from the meds post op.

    Love, Mikie