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    Hi Diane I read this post reply and noticed you are seeing Dr Pelligrino and I live about 1 hr away near Youngstown. Just wondering if it would be worth it to go to him. I especially want the correct treatment w/o hypocrisy for this misunderstood disease. Please tell me all about him and how he usual;ly trats this. TYIA Laura PS my email address is ladybugplus@neo.rr.com and I would love for us to get to know each other. My family physicians is sending me to a local rheumotologist. I am not sure where that will go yet. Recently been diagnosed with it.

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    In seeing many doctors, even Dr. Mark Pelligrino the fibro specialist, they say that as long as medications are monitored by a physician, they won't be addictive. As a patient, you need to speak to your doctor about this and if he gives you any slack, speak to a couple of others and see if they concur. Don't suffer unnecessarily when there are things out there to help you deal with the pain. That doctor obviously has no idea what you are feeling.
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