Diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IntuneJune, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. IntuneJune

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    Last summer I was struck down....literally.....with diarrhea. GI doc did a colonoscopy, EGD, and Prometheus Lab study (for celiac) while I was on a wheat-free diet.

    I lost 35 pounds in a matter of 6-8 weeks. On follow-up he said I had "colitis" and gave me meds. Said the celiac test was "negative" although he knew I was on a wheat-free diet at the time he ordered the test.

    The specimens from surgery did reveal "microscopic collitis" however the meds did not help at all, in fact, the diarrhea became worse. I was told on phone calls to the office I was not giving the medication time to work, I never discontinued them and the symptoms got a LOT worse.

    Finally I put myself on a gluten-free diet. SLOWLY the diarrhea subsided.

    I brought all the medical records, op reports, pathology reports, lab results to another doctor and he asked "when were you put on a gluten-free diet," and was dismayed the other physician had not.

    We deal with "IBS" as a common co-existing condition with CFS/FMS but again we need to keep digging. All our other co-existing conditions might be BIG clues to "FMS."

    Evidently I am extremely sensitive to gluten since my symptoms were so severe on a wheat free diet. With my allergies, I will admit to cheating now and then. Having allergies to yeast, wheat, soy, citrus, corn, wheat does not leave one with a lot of variety and occasionally I would cheat with the wheat.

    Now on the gluten-free diet, you absolutely cannot "cheat" it's not the same as an allergic-reaction. And a wheat-free diet is not a gluten-free diet.

    Also I have been receiving IVIG for low immunoglobulin subclasses. The other day while I was being infused, a nurse handed me a pulication "IG Living" and of course was filled with stories about IG issues, IVIG's etc and ALSO an article on "CELIAC DISEASE". Yes I am yelling....... what's the connection? There was no clear connection I picked up reading the article. Except the obvious immune response?????? Genes??????

    In another post, I am going to discussion IVIG.

    Fondly, June
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    My sister has this "problem" and has had every test imaginable

    I keep telling her to quit gluten, but she won't listen to me
  3. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    I had IBS symptoms for years and years...... but this past summer was another story completely. Not even sure if the episodes could be considered diarrhea. Had to make a trip to the ER for re-hydration.

    It is a job eliminating all gluten, a learning curve. But it was worth it.

    Hope your sister does better.

    Fondly, June

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