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    Should i be keeping notes of symptoms? I actually felt better this evening but now the fevers back and im exhausted again. Im not sure what good it would do to try to keep track but should i be doing so? I was also finally able to access canlyme.net or org. Cant remember. But that site had a lot of good info! I read the symptoms from there of the late stage ld...and he said what more did my dr need...its all there. Theres only 1 support group in okla but the lady had her phone number up. It was old but im so hoping its still a good number. There was an article on another site about her being in a battle with the state health dept. Dh has a ton of relatives in canada as hes french canadian and hes ready to ship me off there lol...
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    It can help to keep some notes of response to meds, symptoms etc.

    Don't make it hard for yourself though.

    Maybe take your largest symptoms and rate them 0-10 starting with before you started doxy.

    Then rate them daily to see improvement or decline.

    There are other ways to do this...whatever makes sense to you.

    It can help later when you won't remember the daily details.

    Note any med changes, etc also.

    I am glad you were able to access canlyme. I hope you can read Dr Burrascano's treatment guidelines soon if you can ever access the ILADS site.

    Were you able to contact the OK support group lady?
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    It just seems as tho i have pain jumping all over the place. Now its my left shoulder again and when the shoulders get like this i cant move my arm. I went to my dr months ago and she referred me to another dr for the shots. Id had them yrs ago and didnt want to put myself thru that again for nothing so i didnt go. Havent had another fever since sat afternoon. But its my danged shoulder now. At least its not my knees or the top of the back of my leg. I woke dh at nite when id go to the bathroom. He recently confessed that. I knew i was moaning and groaning but i didnt think it was that bad. It was agony to bend that knee and have to sit on that spot. I thought it was the worst fibro flare ever.
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    The lady who runs the support group wasnt in but her brother answered the phone. Pretty knowledgeable. He said theyre not aware of any LLMDs in okla. They live in okla city. She travels to a dr outside of ft worth tx but hes not taking any new patients. Said the dr MIGHT be willing to do a consult w my dr over the phone. It was the same with the MDs in dallas-no new patients. I did go to the ilads site among a ton of others. Im waiting on a call from the support lady cos her brother said she knows more than he does. Im hoping my dr will ck out dr burrascos site cos i think that was one that had info for physicians. Ive been to so many that theyre running together. I did print off info for my dr and i will hilite key parts unless she WANTS to read it. I just wish this pain would stop. But it just jumps around. Wondering when and where its going to hit next.