"DICTATOR" MDs... interesting - 'ASK' VS 'ORDER'

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    I thought this was interesting research on our mindsets when seeing a doctor and how we make choices very often.

    This is from Wm Campbell Douglass's newsletter... he often has interesting bits of research etc... (I just wish he'd go back to citing the journal sources like he used to; I tried to google this but hard to hunt thru all the info using the primary words.)

    note: I've edited it some



    It's easy to take medical risks when it's not your own body at stake.

    Docs often forget that -- ... and too many patients just go along for the ride without asking questions.

    But a new study shows patients are much less willing... when they know (they have a choice).

    The study found that patients are (compliant) when a doc TELLS them what to do. But when a doc ASKS for their input, they're far more likely to pick less risky treatments.

    Researchers at Yale University let patients watch videos in which a doctor described a drug along with a low risk of a serious side effect.

    In some cases, the video was followed by instructions that they take the drug.

    In others, the patients were asked to make a choice.

    And it turns out those who were given the choice were much less likely to take the new drug.

    ...Believe me, most folks are perfectly capable of figuring it out when we give them all the information they need. But too many dictator docs expect patients to walk into the office and submit to their every command, pop every pill and lie back for every test and procedure -- no questions asked.

    Don't put up with that. If your doc won't invite you into the process, politely thank (the MD)... walk out... and then (find) a new physician's office.

    You're not a sheep, and you're no one's guinea pig. If docs don't like it, too bad.
    Wm. Campbell Douglass MD
  2. CanBrit

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    Its been a long time since I've posted.

    I hear so many horror stories about Dr's. In my case, my family doctor is fantastic. We work together on my conditions and he's been very careful in what he prescribes and what he suggests.

    On the other hand, my pain specialist recommended several spinal shots in my neck. He came across as all knowing and provided very little information. After the third shot, (the first two did absolutely nothing), he was having difficulty getting into my spinal canal. Needless to say, he has left me in worse pain than when I started. His answer to that was to continue these needles in my neck and also start on the lower back. I haven't been back.

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