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  1. gracesroses

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    i was wondering if anyone looked into gl123mouser's topics about fluoride poisoning?
    i checked 'is fluoride as safe as you are told' on google, and ask jeeves, and all the sites that came up said the same thing, that it was a poison that was harmfull in lots of different ways.
    please take a look and let me know what you think. i was very shocked at what i read and would like to hear your feedback.
    xxx grace

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  2. gracesroses

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    anyone who has looked into this, i would really like to know what you are thinking about it...
  3. gracesroses

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    hi there
    did you look this up? and where? all the sites i checked (and i checked a lot) said the opposite. let me know what sites you went on if you could so i can look. at the minute i think it may not be safe and have stopped using it this past week till i find out more info to the contrary, better safe than sorry.
    xxx grace
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    I found it very interesting. I know years ago there was alot of debate as to whether fluoride was safe to put in the drinking water but it seems it's in there anyway. I'm trying to find out if it is also in bottled water and if so which ones. I'm still researching and very much appreciate the info.
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    thanks for replying
    it is in some bottled water. i looked at some the other day that said on the ingredients list that there was fluoride in but no arsenic!!!! there is an organisation called 'national pure water association', have a look at their web page it has lots of info on that you might find interesting,

    i want to say thank you for sharing this with us. i can see that it is something that you feel very strongly about and you have kept on trying to warn us of the side effects of fluoride and phosphates even though you had little response back.i am grateful that you have brought this to my attention, i have checked it out and dont like what i read, i would urge others to also

    i read on one of you're posts that you ask a lot of questions about meds etc... so why don't you question this, you're dentist might be right,but he might not be.
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    for the info on bottled water. I was extremely surprised about the arsenic. I've been doing quite a bit of research on the subject and I always appreciate any info I can get my hands on that might effect my health. I am definitely questioning fluoridated water and have been looking into water filters (WOW, are they expensive!) that take out fluoride and arsenic. I'm waiting to find out from my water company as to exactly what is in my water. I will check the website you mentioned about bottled water. There is no info on the bottled water that I buy.

    Thanks to you Grace and gl123mouser.
  7. gracesroses

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    i'm sorry if i sounded negative in my post to you. i certainly didnt mean to upset you, i just wanted to hear what other people were thinking about this subject. as for being wise, gl123mouser may be but i am certainly not, that is why i am looking for input from others.
    i'm sure my dentist will say the same as your's did but then again can i blindly trust the word of someone who profits from my tooth decay?
    xxx grace
  8. Dee33K

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    I'd like to know how often is "too often" to have your teeth cleaned and what method is it that you think is going to remove the enamel?

    Also, in case anyone has read Dr. John Lee's book, women in the Western world are also being bombarded with Estrogen from plastics as well as fluoride...it doesn't just come from the DDS, you know. It is just us good ole Americans.

    By the way, most of the enamel wear is "toothbrush abrasion", done by the "grit" that is found in most toothpaste. If you use a mouth rinse and just floss well you do much better. Or one of the smooth tooth pastes or gels, I won't name any brand names.

  9. Dee33K

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    Since Mouser hasn't answered thought I'd reply and let you know that what is used in a teeth cleaning (only the polishing Part of the cleaning) at a DDS office is generally a "mild abrasive", (similar to toothpaste texture).

    This is used in order to leave a "glassy smooth" surface on the tooth so as not to allow a pellicle of bio film to stick to it to avoid calculus build-up.

    Can't see that takes off the enamel in any way.

    This is only one part of what goes into a dental cleaning/exam. Other parts of course are gum cleaning, (important for calculus bacteria removal) and your exam for cancer screening.

    Also, a really good hygienist/DDS is trained to watch the mouth as the mouth is a good indicator of total health and can alert you to other problems before you recognize it. (dry mouth, lesions, bone loss, etc.)

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    Hi to Grace. as a strange coincidence, I happened to be reading a bunch of stuff just the other day and to my astonishment found that fluoride is a toxic unhealthy chemical especially for a chemically sensitive or weakened chronically ill person. Peace and Good Luck

    PS to dee, thanks for the details on the DDS cleaning. Is fluoride involved in the process? Take Care.