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    i became ill almost a month to the day following a corneal transplant surgery.

    i honestly believe that there is a connection. i have always wanted to contact the family of the donor to ask about the person's health. i never have.

    are there any other transplant recipients who feel their surgery is connected?
  2. carebelle

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    you should contact them if you can.That is very interesting .I have heard things as strange as the recipient craving foods that were the favorite of the donor.
    You never know you could in some way find part of this puzzle.
  3. hopeful4

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    I'm very sorry to hear that you may have CFIDS/FM in relation to a transplant. Although I did not have a transplant, I did have my CFIDS/FM onset post-illness and surgery.

    I have two trains of thought for you. One is that surgery itself can be "the straw that broke the camel's back." By that I mean that the stress involved in surgery can make it hard for an immune system already taxed with underlying viruses, bacteria, hormonal imbalances, etc. to continue to keep the body functioning well. Therefore, post-surgical CFIDS/FM.

    The other thought is just about transplants. I really do not know how the donors are screened for illnesses. It's possible that the donor had something that was not screened for.

    For example, and I really am not trying to frighten you, and I'm not a doctor, but how well is our blood supply screened? I know that it's not screened well for Lyme disease.

    My husband was a somewhat regular blood donor. A few months ago he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Had he ever been tested or screened for this by the blood bank? No. Yet he's had it for at least 6-7 years without knowing it.

    Also, do they test for all of the underlying co-infections that can be associated with Lyme? Such as mycoplasma, chlamydia pneumoniae, babesia, ehrlichia, etc. etc.?

    Whatever is in our blood is in our tissues.

    I do hope you will get some answers, and some good medical care.

    Take care, best wishes,

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