Did anyone ever get CFS from depression?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Jan 29, 2003.

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    Hi, I think I have what I believe is called depression, and I had a funny bout about 6 years ago that made me spit up blood and then my whole body became numb and it seems like its been like that since. The thing is I don't know what thing to focus on because its pretty much a living hell with either one of them. I did though have a MRI done on my brain a short while back and it turned out ok, good for that, but I just don't know what to think about everything overall, it seems like one problem might have linked itself to another somehow. But anyways, does anyone have any opinions, thoughts, and suggestions that they would like to give me thanks.
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    No, I don't think so. You can get depressed after CFS diagnosis because that will depress you. But they are not sure what causes CFS. You can also be depressed before you are diagnosised with CFS. I was depressed before I got any of my disabilities. Depression is caused by a lack of serotoin or something in the brain or from a trauma, or anything major happening in your life. I became depressed at 42 after my best friend died of skin cancer. Than the following year my father killed hisself, than the following year my husband left me for my supervisor, and thats what depressed me There was allot of stuff right there that was major. And this all happening before my disabilities came on. But it was at least a 10 year span i believe between those major things and me getting my disabilites. But this is only my opinion according to how my body and brain worked. Hope this helps some. Janice
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    As for My case, I got depression about 10 yrs. before Fibromyalgia, then another 8 yrs. before real CFS symptoms showed up. It is good you had an MRI, and ruled that out, and it is good you are asking questions! I don't think they know for sure what causes CFS yet, but there is a lot of research going on. To check this out and learn more, a start is here in the Library- Type in Chronic Fatigue, and choose an article or recent e-mail article that interests you. And learn all you can! FM/CFS Patients have to know more than their DR.s, because DR.s don't always have time for the research!
    Good Luck!
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    that the medical profession can't agree on the cause of CFS.

    some say an episode of depression can cause it.others say it is viral in origin,but depression makes it worse.
    others say that depression in itself can suppress the immune system,leaving it more vunerable to viruses.

    i have heard all these different theories,from my consultant,G.P. and psychotherapist.

    but personally,i know i wasn't depressed until i became ill with CFS/FMS.
    when i first became ill,i had blood tests,which revealed my white cell count was not normal,which would indicate some sort of virus was present at the time.
    i had episodes of 'flu like symptoms' about 2/3 months before i was diagnosed,

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    I, and may experts in the field, believe that our illnesses are genetically predisposed and that any number of triggers can activate them. This includes stress associated with depression, abuse, death of loved one, divorce, etc.

    Many of us also suffer situational depression from dealing with these illnesses. Some suffer from clinical depression--our chemical systems are very messed up.

    It's often a chicken-and-egg question.

    Love, Mikie