Did anyone get Fibro from a virus/ if so I need your help.

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    Hi I am Andy. I was diagnost with Fibromyalgia about one month ago. After months of test and maybe its this answers.
    In Sept. 2002 I had a virus in my spine. Was uptil then going to gym two times a week and had lost 30 lbs. I was working part time in marketing and minsitry part time.
    My life has now came to a stand still. The pain started with the virus and has been constant even though the virus is now gone. I was just wondering if anyone else had dealt with the same kind of situation. I looking for answers and any advice would be greatly appreciated. The doctors in my area do not know much about this desease. I had to go to Out of state to even find out what I have. I play music and sing it is starting to effect that also.
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    I think maybe the reason your post has gone unanswered is because it would take a whole book to answer your questions. And that is what I will recommend, a book. This is a complicated illness and what you need to know can't be said in a couple of sentences. Try "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual" by Devin Starlanyl, M. D. Her book is the largest and most comprehensive one out there. Viruses are often the trigger for this, but there are many others as well, and many theories as to the cause. Officially, the cause is unknown. After you have read this Board for awhile, you will notice that there are little groups of people who champion differing theories and are sure they are right. All of them cannot be right, or at least I doubt it. We really don't know yet. There are many things you can do to help deal with the symptoms until we do know, and that book will help. Also, do a websearch for info. There is a TON of info on Fibro on the web.
    I will add one special thing for you, just in case you are a man (the name Andy is usually male, but not always). It was found a few yrs. ago that many men with FMS have low testosterone levels, and that treatment can help the FMS a great deal. Please ask your doctor to run a test for this. 90% of us are female, so obviously, we don't have this problem, but it would be a good place to start in your case.
    Welcome to the Board,
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    Hi Andy:
    I have had Epstein-Barr virus from mono since age 13, several years ago (40) . I don't know if this was the start of it all or not. I do know I have been fatigued most of the time since, but no painful symptoms til 1996. So who knows??? I do think a virus might be the start, but don't know for sure.
    Sorry to hear about how bad you feel. I agree that with all your questions, research would work the best. The best source of information I've read has been Dr. Mark Pelligrino's Fibromyalgia books. Just look on a search engine. He explains it all in words we can understand. He also has fms himself andknows what we are going through. There is a wealth of info on this website to check out too.
    good luck to you,
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    Hi Klutz,
    Thank you for your kind words. Iknow my typing is bad but I am finding it harder to use my hands. Oh I am a girl but I just wanted to make the name shorter. Thanks again
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    thankyou for your info.
    God Bless