Did anyone get the wrong SSDI lump sum amount?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Honora88, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Hi Friends,

    Thanks to everyone who has been replying to my SSI questions. I really appreciate it and I am in BLISS and relief after 2 years of waiting.

    Can anyone tell me if they got less than they expected in their lump sum?

    I went to SS office today and they told me I would get 18,000 plus however, I am eligible for 1600 a month. After being sick since Sept 06 I would expect more. I left messages with the federal level but they havne't gotten back to me.

    I wonder if they determine when my sick day started rather than just trusting my word. on all my med docs it states Sept 06. Perhaps they count it from the day of diagnosis?

  2. marti_zavala

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    They definitely can make mistakes. So don't be afraid to follow up. You will be getting a detailed statement in the mail. If there is a mistake, you or they will find it and they WILL correct it.

    They, the Social security office, determine your date of disability. It is not necessarily based on the last day worked. It is my understanding, I may be wrong, that now they are only going back 12 months. So your date of disability could be 3 years ago but they will only pay backpay for 12 months. I do not know if this is true but I have seen some posts on this.

    Otherwise you would get backpay staring the 6th month after the date of disability. They use the amount of disability for that year when they calculate your backpay. You can go online to find out what the cost of living increase was for the past few years then subtract that from this years to get those years amounts. Or just wait till they send you the statement and then go in to the local office or call the 800 number.

    By the way, your questions are very good and it would be nice to have these for others in the future. Perhaps you could ask your questions in the Social Security Sticky at the top of the page. Just a thought.


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