Did anyone have a 'sick' parent??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ansel, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. ansel

    ansel New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone else had a 'sick parent' while you were growing up?

    My dad was always ill from the time I can remember, with an undiagosed problem. He was a WW11 vet with a medical discharge and on disability till he died at the age of 46. I do think he had Menieres which is an ear dd (I have it too) and he drank all the time for his 'nerves'.

    I beleive very strongly most of our problems are hereditary because I can see them developing in my kids.

    Anyone else have a simular story?
  2. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    ansel ... My mother was sick with a lot of different things .. looking back I think her thyroid was shot .. her heart attacks .. major deppression .. and mental illnes .. alcohol .. this list could keep going on ..
    My grandmother .. her mother, died early .. 56, I think .. after suffering from who knows what because medical faucilities and knowledge were extremely limited where they lived.
    Yes .. I think I inheritated a lot of problems genetically.
    Fudge : )
    Your question is a good one !
  3. twister425

    twister425 New Member

    I remember my mom being in bed for a while when I was very very little. just a vague memory of it and it was because she had the really bad meningitis. She recoverd but when she hit her early 50's she started having lots of problems. After many many test she was dx with chorea ostosis. symptoms mimick parkinsons. It is like a cousin to huntingtons disease. not genetic thank god. they think the meningitis was dormant and this is how it came back. She also has fought depreesion her whole life. but no fibro. Not sure who i got it from.

  4. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    My entire childhood was clouded by worrying for my parents health...Always a doctor appt, an ailment , a surgery...My Dad was actually pronounce dead twice before I was even born.
    My Dad had severe RA, and I mean severe, it ate at his entire body...Lost his knees to synovial infection and when they put in the prosthetics, one took, one didn't...He wore a brace where there was no knee...He was on so many pain pills and steroids it would make our heads spin.
    He drank and smoked to pass the time away in constant, severe pain and died from lung cancer (not caused by smoking, Imagine?)...He had a wonderfully strong and loving heart tho...

    Unlike my Mom who I believe had CF...Her heart was damaged from rheumatic fever and she had a mitral valve prolapse that required surgery...My brother almost died at 16 from a heart problem, had a valve put in...Mom also had osteoarthritis, digestive issues, hiatal hernia...Geez, it was always something...I wish I knew about CF and FMS then, now I know first hand what she was going thru...

    I get my strength from them, esp. my Dad...He never complained and he was the best Daddy I could have ever wished to have...He taught me the things you really need in life...Strength, Courage and Love!

    Great topic, got me to reminisce~Alicia
  5. beth0818

    beth0818 New Member

    but, my great grandmother was always tired and my cousin on the other side of the family has fibro and cfs
  6. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Patti ..I can relate to your mother feelings .. I didn't mention that I cut her out of my life about 12 years ago .. just too TOXIC a person to believe and being a mother on top of it all .. well it is better not to say anything in the end .. it will only drag up horrible memories which I want to NOT do .. my father escaped the madness by making his career the love of his life .. so it was a "lose lose" situation .. I know there are many of us "adult children" that never get over what we suffered with from one parent or both ... I just want to foregt as much as I can. But I wanted to say to you .. I can certainly understand your situation .. too similar to my own .. my mother died while we were posted in Holland .. and my block-head brother actually thought I would come running home for the funeral .. it would be funny if it weren't so sick and sad.
    Ok .. enough from me .. venting a bit ..
    Fudge : )
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  7. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    My grandmother was always sick, but no one could find anything wrong with her (sound familiar?).

    I think it's genetic.

  8. patches25

    patches25 New Member

    One time my Naturopath told me that a lot of what people think is heriditary is just that some virus, or parasite, or whatever, passes through the placenta and affects the child. Things can lay smoldering for years until something triggers the immune system to be overwhelmed. I think a lot more research needs to be done for an awfully lot more diseases. E.
  9. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    although it was never diagnosed. I think he must have had a milder case as he always worked full-time and was able to do things around the house. However, as he got older, he had more pain, especially in his neck and shoulders. I remember him complaining about the constant pain and how difficult it was for him to turn his head. I remember him pressing on the muscles in his upper back and saying that they were sore all the time.

    My worst FMS pain is now in my neck and right shoulder and I have difficulty turning my head, although the physical therapy is helping with that. I guess I inherited this from him.

    None of my three siblings so far have developed FMS, although my sister and I both have endometriosis. I don't think my mom had endo.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    was a raging alcholic. After heavy drinking for more than half a century he developed Korsakoff's syndrome, i.e. his brain turned to mush. Couldn't recognize family members. But then he didn't have to. No one wanted to visit him.

    I read your odds of becoming alcholic go up 4x the average w/ an alcohoic parent, but none of his 4 children have. On the other hand it was a toxic household and most of us are depressed and kinda nutty in varrying degrees.

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