Did anyone have depression/mental issues BEFORE the physical.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tracii, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. tracii

    tracii New Member

    symptoms came on strongly?
  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Well, I have had lifelong PTSD. When I got sick though, I got secondary depression periodically, mainly because it hurt my inner core that I couldn't bring my children places for days at a time, and because finances suffered.

    I think being udiagnosed for a long time and dismissed by docs made the secondary depression MUCH worse.
  3. Synchrolynx

    Synchrolynx New Member

    I can remember being depressed when I was pre-kindergarten, in high school, much of my life, on and off (breakups with girlfriends were always the worst). But I never thought about taking antidepressants and even skoffed at the idea when my psychologist suggested it, just to see if the M.D.s might be right. Elavil helped, but wasn't the answer. Why, and how about you?
  4. LadyCubbieFan

    LadyCubbieFan New Member

    I had a big meltdown in 1993, thanks to my kids driving my nuts, lol. I told them they were the reason animals ate their young, lol.

    I suffered from major panic disorder and attacks and went into a deep depression. I was working at the time and docs kept me off three months then they let me go after 15 years of working my butt off for them.

    My insurance co made me file for disability and dang if I didn't get it the first time. I musta really been crazier than i thought, lol. Still on it and prob will be forver with all these other things.

    My doc says stress helps bring on FM so she thinks that added to my getting this dd.

    Tell us about you hon.

  5. tracii

    tracii New Member

    Keep on replying! :)

    I've GOT to get into bed - you all understand. Can't wait to check & reply tomorrow!

  6. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    I have had depression issues off and on since college right after my Mom died. Of course, my mom and sister have/had depression issues also. But I also begin noticing fatique at that time. The pain came later, but I have always had a low amount of energy off and on. Of course, now it is low all the time. I had bad growing pains in my legs pre-teen and teenager. I don't know if that had to do with the fibro or not. How about you? Kim
  7. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    Yes. I suffered with social anxiety from the age of 12 but managed to function in spite of it and lead a normal life, although I was always slightly depressed. When I hit menopause, all heck broke lose and I started having panic attacks and major depression. Was started on zoloft and xanax and it was like a miracle! The social anxiety totally went away, and has remained away even though I am no longer on zoloft or xanax!

    Was doing wonderfully after that until I had to have a hysterectomy which triggered the FMS. Never had any kind of pain other than the normal stuff until the hysterectomy!

    So, to answer your question, I did have depression/mental health issues before I developed FMS. I think I was predisposed to develop this and just needed something to trigger it, IMHO.

    Was there something specific you wanted answers to from this question? Maybe you could post a little more about it.

    Take care, Sally
  8. midnite1

    midnite1 New Member

    yes i too was depressed most of my life then it got worse when the physical symptoms came and no one believed me. (all in my head) NOT. so the depression got worse .. i had to find other ways to deal with it as i'm one of those ones who can't take anti depressants.
    Your not alone.
  9. hob

    hob New Member

    that is very true for me i think it is because i try to mentally fight the way i feel and then i just give in.
  10. sairacarroll

    sairacarroll New Member

    Thankyou for speaking on the bi-polar issue and mentioning the book that you've been reading. It was helpfull.
  11. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I tend to agree with what you have said. I really feel that all of this is related somehow to deficiencies in the 4 neurotransmittors involved in mental health, which can be inherited. Here is a reposting of a very informative site on these neurotransmittors.

    If you note, a lot of the symptoms are very similar to the ones we have. I have FMS and not CFS, so I can't relate these to CFS, but definately, I can see the resemblance to FMS.


    Take care, Sally
  12. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I started with depression as a child through to adulthood. It morphed into bipolar type 2 in my late twenties, but I was bipolar for many years before I had any physical symptoms of FM.

    My FM story began sometime during or after the delivery of my second (and last) child. I had a complicated pregnancy and a complicated delivery.

    I think whatever infected me was viral and it left me a wreck of a magnitude that I am only now, 6 months after dx and 20 months after the delivery beginning to comprehend how radically its changed my life.

    It's been a struggle for me - I get one disease "balanced" and the other one goes out of whack. Then I get that one "balanced" and vice versa.
  13. Minji

    Minji New Member

    But depression never manifested these horrible physical symptoms until I had the ONE virus that never went away. I think that it may have something to do with brain chemicals being messed up but NOT that depression causes the pain.
  14. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I have suffered from depression long before this DD ever came into my life. Now instead of depression it is now Severe Depression and I would imagine that I have had PTSD since I was a teenager but never went to counceling for what had happened to me or what was going on in my life. I have never thought that this DD brought about my DD but I do believe that it has made it worse. How can it not. My whole life has been changed along with my childrens. Did it cause my depression no but it has certianly made it worse.......SueF
  15. dianahubb

    dianahubb New Member

    I was diagnosed in 1994 at age 33 (45 now) after having a complete meltdown at my job too! Severe Depression & have been on meds every since. Then after divorcing my 2nd husband was dx with PTSD as well (anxiety, panic, etc). Took Effexor from 1994 - 2004, then switched to Cymbalta.

    Sooooo sick of being on meds - seems like all my life-grrr.

    Lifelong sufferer of Migraines.

    DX with Fibromyalgia & CFS in 2004...MAJOR tender point pains.

    Just Dx with Chiari Malformation and MORE Importantly Tethered Spinal Cord. Which if I had known years ago what these two were & their symptoms, I probably could have diagnosed myself back then!

    Even though I have Chiari & TSC I will still most likely have the Fibro & CFS after my surgery for those Oct 2nd. One thing very interesting about the Chiari, is that it has "flattened"/pancaked my pituitary glad...thus NUMEROUS problems. So, anxious to see if those go away.

    (Oh ya, haven't been on here for quite awhile due to the other new diagnoses). Just felt I should check back in.

    Take Care, Diana
  16. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    When you have time read on my post all the mental problems I went threw.Thats my story and my Physical pain came along with it
  17. s--raquel

    s--raquel New Member

    Tracii, Hi...I've had depression since I was in grade school...It got bad enough to be considered a mood disorder
    in my late 20's (im 36 now)...but when I started getting
    fm/cfs symptoms my depression got unbearable...My family
    wanted me to go to a hospital for treatment. I look back now and know I NEEDED to be in a hospital!

    Another thing that changed was the addition of Anxiety! Bless anyone's heart that has to deal with Anxiety as an
    ongoing battle!I never had it b/f my fm/cfs symptoms started.

    My Depression is under control (finally!!) and the Anxiety
    was short lived.

    I believe cronic depression and/or Anxiety is caused by
    chemical embalances...so they can get worse with fm/cfs
    just like other things do.

    My mind changed in many ways other than depression...memory
    loss, short term-memory, my comprehension of things I read or saw...even my spelling and math is worse!

    I think the guilt, not being understood, not being able to
    get help or diagnosed by dr.s, feeling lonely, and fear of
    so many things with this disease(the future,getting worse,
    not finding cure,etc!) causes depression and/or anxiety with alot of us also.

    sorry, this got longer than I meant!!
  18. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I'm not alone in this!

    Ugh, really rough childhood & "informative years". Was ALWAYS getting sick & ending up in chronic bronchitis (from childhood into adulthood).

    Started having educational difficulties around the 5th-6th grade (parents were too wrapped up with their own problems to "catch on", I guess). Would these be considered developmental disabilities?? Anyone know?

    Remember being very shy with low self-esteem though tough & brave at times too in early childhood.

    Remember being very tired from around pre-high school, would come home from school and nap & still required 12-13 hours of sleep per night.

    Started having panic attacks in high school (that's the earliest I remember). Parents weren't really "there" for me. Got shuffled back & forth between them. Heard "I can handle her, you take her" too many times to count.

    Been through so many shrinks/therapists through the years (the good, bad & the ugly!) Was dx'd with bipolar manic depression around 1994 - then a ton of other dx's after that. I don't really know what is what (having a horrible time finding a good shrink where I live!)

    I read somewhere that CFS is really your body's inability to deal with stress (something like that!), so I can certainly see the physical-emotional connection.

    Had a "breakdown" in 94 which may actually have been PSTD(have abandonment issues) & not bipolar. Something snapped I guess & it seems I've had the worst time dealing with reality ever since.

    I guess both physical & emotional symptoms were with me since childhood, I just never received correct care.

    Right now I'm searching for a good shrink to start with for meds management. Been on Serzone (the only thing that seemed to "work" best for some reason & Klonopin for years. Certainly would like to get off the meds completely!

    I'd really like to delve into this subject more, seems many of you have a lot to share.

    Let's keep this thread going, I think we all could learn a lot!

    Thanks to everyone for being here for me. :)
  19. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I totally forgot to mention this "ritual" I've had since a child - I don't remember not having it. In conversations, or listening to people speak, etc. the last word of a sentence HAS to end evenly.

    Say, "an apple a day helps keep the doctor away." Away has to end on my right side (odds & evens, ya know?). Strange, but I'm really into this article! Thanks for posting it matthewson!

    carebelle, can you point out which of your post(s) you suggust I read?

    Thanks again everyone!
  20. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    I have weird little OCD rituals as well regarding things being even -

    for example - my deodorant must be applied an even number of times - I counted conciously a couple of times and apparently my "magic number" is 12 - no more, no less, each arm

    the volume on my car stereo must be set to an even number

    the thermostat on the temp controller must be set to an even number

    alarm clock is always set to an even number - stupid little stuff that "normal" people would never notice or consider, ever- GAAAHHH!!!

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