Did anyone have someone from Social Security follow you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, May 24, 2005.

  1. FM58

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    Just before my denial letter came- a very strange thing happened to me.

    I was driving the carpool to my son's school (HS).

    We left our home and went around the corner to pick up his friend. I pulled up to the friends house, which is on a corner & beeped as usual. As we waited for this boy to come out I noticed a car on the adjacent street - I thought it was rather odd - it was near a mailbox, but it was just sitting there, motor running. Well, the boy finally (after about 2 minutes)came out and hopped in my car.

    We went around the corner and started up the street. I went about 1 block - then the idling car started moving in the same direction. I turned right, the other car followed me. I went up a hill, then turned left onto the main road - so did this other car. Now I was absolutely positive that this vehicle was following me! And I was pretty convinced it was SS. I continued to the HS. This car lost me just before the HS becouse of the extremely busy intersection - only one car at a time can make a right hand turn (haha to her) then a left into the school parking lot.

    I think SS wanted to see if I really did do the carpool, like I had written on my statement. What they should have done - was watch to see that I went right home & right back to my couch and fell back to sleep!! Because that is also what I wrote!

    Now I have not been able to even drive the carpool lately because I have been feeling so lousy - so I wish they have been sitting out there for days checking!! My neighbor has been doing all the driving for weeks!

    I am not a paranoid person at all - but this was so very strange - I am always checking my mirrors now whenever I am in the car. Even when I'm home -I'm looking outside to see if theres a car parked nearby with someone "lurking". I am waiting for a date before a judge. So I really sonder if they have that little incident tucked away in a file someplace.

    Has anyone else had a lurking or following incident?

  2. Mikie

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    It is very commonplace for private LTD insurors to follow and spy on claimants, but I don't think it happens much, if at all, with SS. They simply do not have the personnel for routine investigations. If someone turns someone in who is faking disability, they might investigate, but I do not believe it is routine.

    Love, Mikie
  3. mistress-o-pain

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    I had a strange man (good looking though) come to the door and said he was from a cancer insurance company. He kept trying to shake my hands. Said he spoke to all of the neighbors about they insurance. I found out he had not. I am sure he was from my LTD insurance. Just keep watching.
  4. libra55

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    My husband is in public service (police work). Over the last 20 years he has been injured countless times - back injuries from lifting people, hit by cars 3 times, concussions, you get the picture. So he has spend time at home recovering.

    We have had our share being spyed upon. It is notorious in the public service. They want to catch you doing something wrong. We don't know who they hired to spy, maybe it is a private agency or something, but we too had strange cars following us, people sitting across the street in the cemetary watching the house, strange people come to the door trying to sell stuff.

    No your not paranoid.

  5. JimB

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    My brother has had a successful business taping evidence of Insurance co."cheats" for many years.
    There are so many!
    But sometimes disabled people are just having a "better day" .
    He watches for three days usually.

    He's hired by Insurance companies, (usually when they suspect Fraud, but sometimes when they're not
    totally sure about a case).

    They rarely bother with illnesses like ours.

    He is well informed and very sympathetic to
    "Invisible illnesses",
    including knowing people can have "good" days, and then ..flare up days,

    ..Exertion days - followed by "payback" days and weeks of agony.

    He says soc.security doesn't hire investigators.
    They send an evaluation form to your Dr. every certain number of years, sometimes followed by a simple interview.
    You might want to have a lawyer check current soc. sec. policies.
    .. and if you are suspicious about a car..
    GET THAT LIC. NUMBER for an investigator to check out.
    Was it your 2nd try for soc. security (and with a lawyer)?
    (First application denials don't count. It's almost Always denied, unless you're in a coma).
    You can use your appeals for soc. security if need be..
  6. Slangx

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    I still work, although I've been feeling increasingly worse over the past year.

    But my husband is disabled from a work injury. He was followed for awhile. We never knew who it was, but it was during the worker's comp phase of our fight, before he was declared permanently disabled. So therefore it couldn't have been soc. sec. - it had to be someone to do with workers comp, whether their insurance people or their lawyers.
  7. TXFMmom

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    SSDI does it less frequently than do private insurers.

    If someone complains to SS that you are not disabled, then they are more likely to do that.

    I am sure my private one had me followed.

  8. vosh

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    Hi Patty;

    I was so paranoid the entire time I was waiting; I was sure someone would see me on the one day I felt halfway decent and report that there was nothing wrong with me.

    The reality according to my lawyer (a great one) is that only private companies do that, like insurance companies; SSI doesn't have the resources to do that unless they get complaints of something really bad.

    That's why people like us have to wait so long, and people who are abusing the system are still on it!

  9. JimB

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    Get it over with. Don't hint that you know they're there.

    Use a walker or whatever, get someone to help you with a passenger car door, move slowly etc

    .. just like you're in a BIG flare ( like you sometimes DO experience).

    Shut your curtains except while your lying on the couch.

    A candid look at your life. ... That's all they want .

    They're work is done.

    (Careful about neighbors etc. They Don't understand
    so they might report, including THEIR video tapes).

    Might want to talk to them, after They SEE you stuggling.

    A little preventitive action. : )

  10. tcpolchies

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    I have been followed a couple times. Thats alright though the facts are in writing with the docs, (proof on file that Im jacked up)! hahahaha. Once they even caught me on a good day playing tennis. In fact I was better off that year and lasted only 3-4 months. I mean I was hurting but nothing like now. I recall thinking "hey I beat this thing". Only to be disappointed again. I havent been able to play since last year. I tried some raquet ball recently but had to stop it was burning like heck around the neck, shoulders, hips then later the usual flare up. See with Fibro, MFS, CFS, the condition is so complex (changing from hour to hour) SSDI could never prove otherwise. I mean thats what they wrote in my certificate of award. They said I couldnt even do sedentary work. Of course several years later I decided to prove them wrong but faied again. Heck, DVR rejected me, said go get medically & psycologically stable! hahahahaha! She was a mean worker and I didnt put up with her negative attitude. Anyway, while on the ticket to work program, I was also being followed. The ticket to work program protects your disability and you have 9 chaces to get a job. Durring this time you dont have to attend the typical 3-5 year screening if your on the program. Unfortunately, I havent stopped seeing doc's since my condition has worsen but always try to hold down a job when I can. The thing is just cant, the bad spells are too much to handle. With my illness more actice than before I decided to take DVRs recommendation and get medically and psychologically stable. Nonetheless, I always try to get back to work and this has been short lived each time, lol! After all is said and done with my current testing, if there is no treatment option, or cure I decided to go full force SSDI. Im only on partial SSDI. And its been tough. I didnt appeal the decision cause I hoped things would get to better. One word, "DELLUSIONAL". After I see my neuro with all testing I have recently done,..we'll take it from there. I'll know mid June. Today I had the worsest MFS & spams. I loss my hearing the entire day (rt ear) and buring and stinging was just so bad I almost fainted while walking to kitchen. Its a little better now after restingg but things dont sound the same anymore. I can tell the inflammation has descreased some. Okay, I dont think I should go see the Chiro anymore. I seem to be having more spells (worsend) since I started seeing him. In fact, I feel worse than when I started receiving treatment from him. Now my neck & spine issue (DD). Just dont know. Well dont feel imtimidated by SSDI I never do. Shoot when DVR rejected to assist me obtaining a job I had to go out and request clearence from a LPN, I told her my reasons, and she gave me the go. But, she added DX Myofacial. hahaha. While she was checking out pressure points I hurt all over but was holding it in cause I was in desperate need of a job even temporary. She new what I was doing. The ex stopped child support and things got hairy for me and my little one. That first job was also short lived. I loved it but the bad spells were too much. Anyway,...Got to head over to bed now, its hurts too much again. Inflammation.

    Night all.


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  11. I was at the store today picking up something for my son's birthday party and I swear someone was following me. He was dressed very nice and wherever I was in the store he was like 2 aisles over. He was looking at me and he saw me look at him. Then he left the store at the same time as me without him buying anything. I sat in my car for a little while until he finally left. Then I went down the road to my husbands work to switch cars with him.Now I am totally paranoid. I am at home and watching out my windows for the same car that I seen the man get into at the store.