Did anyone see an internist? Or just family dr ? for fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Just wondering, I have felt so exhausted lately, my family dr will run bloodwork but thats about it if I go and complain. I am thinking maybe an internal dr might be of help???
  2. jasminetee

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    I was sent to an internist when this whole thing started. All my tests there came out just fine.

  3. TigerLilea

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    I have seen three internists, a neurologist, a rheumatologist, and four GPs. My sister-in-law, who has FM, has also seen many different specialists. Sadly, they have not been of any help to either of us. The last internist I saw was very knowledgeable about CFS and FM, however, he wasn't able to offer any help. The bottom line is that we have an illness with no known cure. And, unfortunately, doctors are not miracle workers.

    My belief is that we will get more help by following the works of researchers such as Rich Van K, Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Bell, etc.
  4. SnooZQ

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    My PHCP is an IM. He's been sympathetic but really of minimal help for my fibro. He knows that the LDN I take is helpful, claims to understand the mechanism behind it, but won't RX it for me because he practices CYA medicine & won't do "off-label prescribing." Which means, he won't do off label if it's patient-initiated. Of course he writes OLP.

    I've had some success working with a Naturopath. But the most success through self- treatment, reading widely & implementing low/slow where I think a treatment protocol makes sense. I highly recommend the book, Pain Free 1 - 2 - 3 by Jacob Teitelbaum.

    Whether you self-treat or use a doc, there's a good amt of trial & error to find what helps, unless you luck out & have a test result that shows something specific that is easily treated. For example, low testosterone & low thyroid contribute to my fibro. Treating those deficits is straight-forward & helpful -- but I still have fibro, albeit a much milder form with adequate hormone balance.

    I've been chipping away at my health problems for years after realizing that the treatments the prof med community had to offer were not helpful for me. Despite advancing age, I am more active & in less pain than in the past. Fewer flares, shorter & less intense.

    Best wishes.

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