Did anyone see Dr. Oz on Oprah? He spoke of the power of prayer!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. pepper

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    He said that in his opinion the next big movement in medicine will be "energy medicine" and the importance of such treatments as therapeutic touch, Reiki and prayer in healing! Of course we already knew that :) but to have someone like Dr. Oz say this really validates our belief in the power of prayer.

    Oprah commented that 10 yrs ago she would never have heard a medical doctor say something like that. The world is changing.

    Love, Pepper
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  2. bandwoman

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    I saw it in between naps this morning. What a thrill to hear him say that. Going to bed now. I will say prayers for save travel for hubby tonight.

  3. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I know that studies have been done in the past where people's health improved when others prayed for them, whether or not the patient knew that s/he was even being prayed for. But somehow having this stated on Oprah brought it to the masses and I find that so encouraging.

    Love, Pepper
  4. kgangel

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    HI Pepper

    That is really good to hear that he said that.

    Oprah usually just says she is spiritual or something like that, but she does so many good things that you know she too probably believes in prayer.

    Thanks for sharing this


  5. pepper

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    Oprah's eyes lit up when Dr. Oz said that and she repeated "Prayer!" with a kind of awe in her voice. You could tell that she was feeling validated by his saying that.

    And she said that no medical doctor would have said that ten yrs ago and she was so happy that medicine was finally recognizing this (or something like that - I should have taped it).

    Love, Pepper