Did anyone see Marley Me owner on the Dog Whisperer

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jan 6, 2007.

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    It was on last night. I have never read the book but I want to now.

    Their new dog, Gracie, has the same issues as my Missy. Gracie is a hunter and they have pet chickens and now they have 2 less chickens.

    His wife said " you kind of look at your dog differently after it ate a family pet"

    I'm sure it airs again several times during the week. Check your National Geo channel.

    Last week Missy started it then Twila followed, but they nearly killed my cat and I ended up in the ER from a bad cat bite. My right hand was bitten so bad by the cat, to the bone and I am allergic it was swollen to the point I had no knuckles. My pain meds didn't work either. I have been on abx all week and the hand is better.

    I know there are a lot of Marley & Me fans here so I wanted to share. Carla
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    Darn it, I saw the promo and forgot to watch it. What did Cesear advise?

  3. ckball

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    Gracie is a lab and they have a hunting instinct, she was not getting enough exercise and discipline.

    Even if the have a huge playground you need to walk your dog on a leash 30-45 minutes a day. This establishes leadership and gets rid of any negative energy.

    They have a large property so they created games for her. Like hide and seek. They brought a trainer in to work with her.

    At the end they could take a chicken and a duck in front of her and she would not go after it. That was done by exsposing her to the animals and correcting her over and over many times until she "got" it.

    Dogs need boundries and leadership. I have a problem staying calm. To be a good leader you have to be calm and assertive. I've got the assertive thing but I need to work on calm.

    I looked on Direct TV threw next week and it didn't show it running again. If I hear I will let you know.

    When I heard the ad for it, I set my TV on autotune so I wouldn't forget. I love my auto tune.

    How is Sophie? I know how difficult this is. Look at it as a lesson that needs to be learned. I believe we are given these challenges to learn from.

    I do admire you for your shelter work, hang in there. Carla

    I enjoyed his site and reading all the stories.
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    I had been wondering how you were doing after the cat bite.

    Glad to hear the hand is better. I had a simular experience but the cat clawed me deep into my nose.For a week I felt like I was peering over a mountain to see anything.LOL

    I hope your hand heals soon. Take care.
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    Did he talk about Marley?

    Sorry about your cat bite, but glad that your hand is healing well.
  6. ckball

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    Yes he did talk about Marley and how hard it was when they lost her. Did Marley have doggie ADD or ADHD? This must have been some dog.

    He didn't say if he would write a book about Gracie. She, like Marley, is her own girl. You said you were going to watch, what happened? Like I said I love my autotune. You can set it up to 7 days in advance.

    Hi Diane- it has been a rough week, I didn't get up an around till tues. Still having some pain in the knuckle of my first finger, that was the one that went to the bone.

    I have been trying to get caught up on chores and spend time with my "marley's". It is hard when they team up against me. The cat attack really scared me. It happened so fast, poor kitty pooed all over me, and the dogs. All 4 of us wrestling on the bathroom floor in poo and pee and blood. Oh what fun. All of the blood was mine. Smitten did have several bites but they are ok and healing. I may need a kitty therapist for tho.


  7. kholmes

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    Marley was some dog, indeed!

    Actually, we haven't been watching as much TV lately, so we decided to cut back to the very basic level of cable, and we no longer get the National Geographic channel. So I missed John Grogan, alas.
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    Hi, Carla -

    Staying calm is a problem for me too and it affects cats as well as dogs. Sophie is now chasing her tail a lot which tells me she's frustrated and anxious - just like me!

    I feel bad about it but it's a Catch-22!

    Now that she's had ringworm (on-going) she can't go back with the well cats in the shelter and she can't live with anyone who's pregnant, might become p.g., young children or people with compromised immune systems. That reduces her chance of finding a good home by a lot so I'm trying to work things out with her here.

    To anyone with CFS contemplating getting a new pet, my advice is DON'T - unless you have help caring for it and keeping it entertained and exercised. Even an adult cat needs more stimulation than I can give. Sophie is trying very hard as am I but she's bored here. I go to bed at 8 to read which she doesn't mind because she comes up on the bed to play with a toy but when I turn the light out, she gets down and leaves the room. She's well ready for me to get up and keep her company again by 5 and that's too early for me! I shut the door when I get up in the night but I know she's out there early, muttering to herself, hunched up in the chilly morning. GUILT!

    I tell myself that this is better than her being taped up in a cardboard box under a truck in the Target parking lot but is it reallly?? Not by much.

    I'll keep an eye out for reruns on The Dog Whisperer, Carla. Thanks.