Did anyone see the clip on ABC news about Fm

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by danisue22, Mar 5, 2003.

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    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else saw the clip on ABC News out of Chicago ,10 O Clock News . It was kind of interesting.They said that we may not have enough growth hormones. Which contributes to muscle pain ,lack of sleep.They also said that the U of Mich are doing research on Fibromyalgia.They said our pain threshold kicks in on high so that we experience sronger pain before others and thats one of the reasons that Doctors can not detect it. Like i said just wondering if anyone else saw it ,and if so what did you think. Thanks Danisue
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    Hi Danisue~~I didn't see the ABC clip on Fibro, but I certainly enjoyed reading the info from your post. It gives us hope that maybe our illness is being taken more seriously. Thanks for sharing it with us! Carol...
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    Nice segment to validate this DD......now if we could only get national coverage......DJ
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    I just received an e-mail from my friend regarding the ABC topic on Fibro. Unfortunately I was at aqua therapy and had a soccer game late last night, so I was unable to see it. I will check out the web site to get the transcript. I'm very interested in what they had to say. And it isn't often that there are stories on Fibro.

    I was going to post on this to see if anyone saw it. THanks for posting!

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    Search for ABC news Chicago. Go to Healthbeat. Title of report is "Behind the pain".
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    but my rhumy told me our adrenal levels run higher then normal. thats why we are so senative to everything. bright lites-loud noises-light touches on our skin-etc.our levels never drop to normal.so we get anxiety attacks-sleep problems-racing heart.my cousin has been taking growth horamone for her fibro and has noticed no diff.im on marapex and have had great results.have gone from having one of the worst cases my rhumy has seen to almost having a life again.its a brand new treatment still in trail
    stages. only 2 docs in country trying it.

    best of luck to all
    kathy c
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    Thanks for all the info .I'm not sure I can still get a transcript this late but I'll try. I never heard of Marapex. Sounds like something of interest.I start on Enbrel next week .Been having a bad time of things Stayed off the methotrexate for aweek becaue of a sinus infection .But doctor has me on predisdone for awhlie that has seem to help. Goodness I feel like I'm reaching for straws. God Bless Danisue