Did anyone watch "Biggest Loser" last night??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PepperGirl52, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I was TOTALLY amazed at how much weight loss these people accomplished this time around!! I mean, some of these guys were HALF the weight they were when they came on this show 9 months ago.

    One thing that was said really drew my interest, because I think it really applies to those of us who are ill, too.
    They were interviewing one of the contestants, who had gone home. Seth, I think it was. He said he used to eat 4 hamburgers, with fries for lunch, because it was cheaper than eating a healthy meal.

    That's true-for less than $5.00, you can have four hamburgers and fries at most of our fast food "restaurants" these days!

    The same basic principals apply to those of us who are battling disease and sickness. It's not CHEAP to be well!!

    It's not cheap to supplement your daily intake with any of these 'extras' that so many of you applaud as your 'cure' or even what helps you get through.

    It's not cheap to even eat a healthy meal, 3x's a day! Have you seen the price of lettace, tomatoes, fresh fruit??

    It's all outrageous. AND forget about alternative therapy. Who has an HMO that pays for massages, accupuncture, accupressure, etc?? Not many. Those of us who do, it's very limited!

    So, here we are, stuck in the modern world of fast food, quick fixes, prescription medications. Heck, even MY medications cost almost $300/month-and that's with insurance!

    You basically have to be independently wealthy to afford to get healthy and stay healthy!! I know, some of you are going to say 'give up this, or give up that'. Hey, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I weigh 106 pounds! What else do I give up?? I haven't gone to the beauty salon in over a year!

    So, my point is this: it is NOT easy to stay healthy. And it's almost like a vicious cycle. I know that I am probably paying for years of abusive behaviour, and now I am at a place where I have to back-track and try to get my body back into some kind of alignment-physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.

    What do you think?? Am I off here? How do we do this without robbing a bank? There are very few naturopaths out there that have sliding-scale pay systems! There are very few health food stores that give discounts to those who look sick! So, what is the answer???? Own a farm, raise your own beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, herbs, fruit, veggies?? That's what I think is the answer. BUT, you have to have $$ to buy the land!

    OK, just something to ponder.........PG
  2. CarolynAnne

    CarolynAnne New Member

    I so agree with your post!!!!

    To date this year I have spent over $3,500 in medince and supliments! And to boot - I have insurance coverage by United Health Care. This is not including the doctors fees and testing. Lord knows... UCH questions everything. I am now on my 3rd appeal for a Natural Killer Cell test that cost $350!!!!!

    I count myself among the lucky to have a job that is supportive and will work with me on "bad" days; and will be installing a modem at my house for days I cant physically make it into work. I have insurance. They also offer a Pre Tax Medical spend option.

    But I have to admit, I get pretty jealous of my friends who take trips or can go shopping whenever... While I on the other hand need to ensure I have enough to pay for this DD. Where is the justice :)

  3. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    and I too was amazed at the weight loss...they looked so great!

    and you are right on about the cost of trying to be/eat/do healthy. For 15$ my hubby and I can have 4 meals each out of one order of chinaes take out...but we all know that is not healthy. To make the same meal and have it be a healthy one would cost me over 25$ and we would not get 4meals each out of it. That is just one example of how it is cheaper for us to do take out.

    Hubby asked for salad stuff this week one bag of lettus$4, tomatoes$3.50, celery$1.50, cucumber.$1, carrots$1.75, dressing$2...thats what like 14-15$...I could go to zaxbys and get a salad for half that and get atleast 2 each out of it.

    It is so discusting..
  4. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear PG,
    I agree with you 100%! You are so right. Most people on a low income can only afford packaged foods because they can be stretched.

    I have some friends who take part in the Gleaners program, where one can go to get outdated "fresh" veggies and such, once a week for a monthly fee, but that is only for those who are seniors, and a person has to make less than $9,000.00 a year.

    Like you, my meds are costly. My supplements are about $200.00 a month (They are prescribed by my Dr., but not covered by my plan), and my other Prescriptions would be well over $500.00 a month without insurance. As it is, they are less. I stll can't afford organic foods . I'm lucky, though, I can still aford some fresh veggies.

    I'm thinking of becoming a bean expert. I can still afford beans.

    Good luck . Maybe if enough of us keep on talking about this, someday, something will happen. We need to keep the thoughts out there, and act whenever we have a chance to vote.

    Big hugs,

  5. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    This is a good post!! One of my insurance law classes taught me a lot about how bad of shape the medical and insurance industry is really in. The whole medical and medical insurance industry is headed down the toilet and we are the ones paying the price!! Medical industry reform needs to be one of our nations top priorities, but it isn't. The medical industry keeps unnecessarily raising the price of everything (appointments, tests, meds, etc.) in order to make profit. Because of that, insurance companies have to raise premiums, deductibles, lower coverage, etc.

    Because of this cycle we have ended up with terrible medical coverage, poor medical treatment and extreme medical bills. The majority of people in this country who file bankruptcy do so because of medical bills. This is something I see every day in my work in the legal field. It is really scary to think how the situation is going to be in just 5-10 years if our government doesn't start doing something about it now!

    Okay, I'm done ranting, but thanks for the great post.
  6. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    Agreed that the weight loss achieved on these shows isn't going to be achieved by 99% of us at home. If I had the money to have a personal trainer, a chef, and little else to do but diet and exercise, I could probably drop the pounds pretty easily too.

    You are very right that you should only lose 1-2 pounds per week. Otherwise, if it comes off too quickly you are much more likely to put it back on, plus some and it can actually be muscle that you are losing instead of fat.

    VERY good points!!
  7. Cakedec

    Cakedec New Member

    As I watch how hard they push those people who want to be the biggest losers, I think to myself "Do they appreciate having healthy bodies that can handle all of that exercise and abuse?". Because those of us with these DD's couldn't possibly do all of that and even get out of bed the next week!

    How about a program about exercising and losing weight when you have a chronic disease like FM, CFS, Lupus, or the like--that allowed you to keep functioning!

  8. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    I know it can be less expensive than a "normal" American diet. It helps to study some good books, but dried beans, nuts, brown rice (and other whole grains) can form a basis, and the cost of these are relatively low-cost enough that adding the expensive fresh foods is still below the cost of a cart full of more processed food (like bagged lettuce). Of course it doesn't hurt to have a good cookbook to make it interesting. I'm not saying it's easy (even I don't do it often enough) and yes, it is sad that organic anything costs so much more.

    But I do certainly agree with Peppergirl's over-all point. I've often thought that the impetus to make me run would be to hire someone with a gun to chase me...and that would be expensive! (well, maybe not). But the people on these shows have mega-motivation, what with the experts and cheerleaders (and TV!) at their disposal, not to mention TIME...the most expensive commodity of all.

    This hit me this morning because I am trying to decide whether to carry-through with my 2nd appointment with an FFC. I never could decide to commit to the expense of the bloodwork. Having won a pretty good back-pay award from SSDI, I currently have the $$, but the tests would take a pretty good chunk, and I see no further windfalls down the line. Too bad it didn't come with a money-back guarantee! The one thing I got from the FFC was a trial prescription for Xyrem...which is really all I wanted to start out with. I felt if I had a few weeks of good sleep, everything else would get better. I've only been on it a short time, and so far it's disappointing. I DO SLEEP (which is a kind of miracle!), but I actually feel tireder during the day which I didn't think possible. I'll give it some more time.

    Maybe it's a good thing if it doesn't help...I COULDN'T AFFORD IT ANYWAY! ha. Yes, it is a dilemma, the rich will live better than us that ain't. At least when it comes to healthcare.
  9. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I had to laugh about running because you're being chased! Sometimes I feel like that, too, about walking.

    Can't run anymore because of the DDD in my spine, and all the hardware back there, etc, etc. We all have really good excuses NOT to do rigorous exercises, that's for sure!

    Hey, I LOVE the idea of having a reality show based on people who have these diseases!! Not only would it encourage others who are so ill and handicapped because of them, it would get the word out there that we really DO exist!!

    Wonder if Mark Burnett would be interested??? PG

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