Did everyone that tested positive w/lyme have a rash?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by suexi, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. suexi

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    Hi, I was just reading some materials from lymenet and I seem to have some of the symtoms but don't remember ever having a weird rash. I self diagnosed myself with cfids for the last 4.5 years. So does everyone who tests positive for lyme disease have/had a rash?
    your replies are greatly appreciated...
  2. suexi

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    hi thank you for that. that helped alot
  3. victoria

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    my son has definite lymes, but never a rash... a woman in my local support group previously dx'd with CFIDS but positive for lyme never had a rash... my daughter's BF had it too but no rash either.

    I likely have it, probably my DH too, but no rashes either. The LLMDs say less than 50% have rashes...

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  4. 6t5frlane

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    I'm wondering wht so many " Positives " from Igenex and no where else.....Seems to be a recurring theme
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    Igenex does nothing but test for tick born diseases and co infections. They are the state of the art testing. They have taken testing to a new level.

    They had an investigation into the company last year because they were getting so many positives. The end result was they are running very accurate test that are way more sophisticated then most others.

    Case Closed

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    I had no known bite, no rash, no fever, nada. I believe that the lyme lay mostly dormant in me for years, with only minor symptoms until a number of stressful events and a surgery occurred. Then, a "sudden onset" of "CFIDS".

    The Igenex testing is considered the most reliable. I tested negative on Elisa, positive on Igenex western blot. My husband tested positive on both.

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    big old bulls eye rash on my leg... some do, some don't - I had a "without a doubt" bulls eye rash.

    take care!