did I mess up my chance of getting Disability?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeronsmom, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Aeronsmom

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    I had my hearing on Oct 17th, I just realized that when the judge asked me if I got approved would I join the back to work program, I told him "NO" I said with the way I feel with pain and tiredness and severe panic attacks there is no way I could handle going back to work, I told him I am sorry if I sound lazy but there is just no way I could do it. Do I mess up? be honest please.

    love to all, Ann
  2. suzetal

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    I told my judge that if I could work I would be working .I said with all the pain I did not believe that I could work unless this pain went away.

    I also said that if I got better I would go back in a heart beat.

    I got a bench approval .She approved me right there...You were being honest.

  3. opticaltech

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    My attorney told me DO NOT give even a hint you will or can accept work...they will outright deny you...There is a question on the application that asks that question about the back to work program...he said DO NOT check yes...they will deny you.....dont worry, youre fine!...L.
  4. MamaDove

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    Hi Ann,

    I think the others responses are right on...You were honest!

    If you could have been working then why would you be there?

    At my hearing, I was TOO honest and admitted to the judge that I took a swing at a boss...At the time I didn't realize that I could no longer multi-task, and everything that had a time-line would give me anxiety and spark a flare...Those were the middle years and my mindset was that I was not going down with these dd's...I also didn't want to admit how serious they were...

    I just received my letter from the ALJ yesterday (I think I remember you posted, there's that fog again) I told my husband about the ticket to work, he looked at me in shock. I told him I could make $810 a month and still get my measly $$$ from SSDI...I needed to explain more cause he asked what the heck would you have gone through all this bureacratic bull if you could still work...We have a hard time understanding all of this nonsense, STILL...It's a big game to these people and most don't care about us...I was so fortunate in that I had a very caring judge who really did want to help me...I know I didn't say everything I should have nor did I control myself when I should have, but I know it was my honesty that swayed him to my side...

    You were brutally honest and I think that will always work in your favor...It may take longer due to ignorance, but in time you will get what you deserve...You will perservere (sp? fog, looks right)

    (((((HUGS))))), everything will turn out fine!