Did quitting work increase your quality of life?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Hello everyone. I know that I posted something very similar on 3/23/07. However, that was mostly venting about grocery-shopping.

    This time, I'd like to know if the trade-off of quitting work (much less money, "wasting" your degree or training) gave you more of a quality of life (time to enjoy a sunrise or sunset or gardening or spending time with family). Does anyone care to share?

    Lately, I've been so lightheaded. And almost any deviation or extra thing on the weekend makes me miss a day of work during the week.
  2. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    in fact i feel like ive lost part of myself.
    i didnt know that it was so much a part of my identity.
    now i feel like i am 'no one' so to speak.
    yes, i mess around with my plants
    and can do hobbies
    more when im able-
    but i wish i was still wking
    and helping others
    and being able to do things again.
    good question.
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I miss work, I miss getting up and going out and doing something - I miss talking to people - I miss my life. I do feel my degree was wasted.

    If I could I would be out there in the world.

    Yes sitting in the garden is lovely, its also extremely boring, lying bed most of the time is soul destroying.

    However, I have come to accept my lot (stopped work in 97) but it can be frustrating. I listen to people complain about going to work and wish it was me.

  4. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Is the solution, if your body allows it, part-time work, which won't make you bone tired and will satisfy your soul?
  5. Dlebbole

    Dlebbole New Member

    I think back to when my health was at its lowest and there was no way I could have worked - even part time. Currently, I am working part time, but it is a good time set-up.....most part time jobs are every day, just reduced hours, but mine is just twice a week.

    I need those days in between to rest, recover and build up enough energy to keep going. But for me, work has literally saved me from despair. It's my social life, my source of fulfillment, my passion. Diane
  6. optimiss

    optimiss New Member

    I have been out of work for only a week and I've been traveling since then. I haven't been home yet to really let it set in. My stress has definitely decreased but not my pain. I am going to start Psychotherapy soon to help me deal with the FM and many other issues. I'm really looking forward to the help. I've needed to do this for a long time and now I can. I will have to find some kind of work though, at least part time. I need to have something to do to keep my spirits up and we need the income. My husband is just starting back to work after 5 mo. of recovering from a nasty wreck. He still has a long way to go but he is determined to work again and bring in an income to support us. He said that me losing my job was God's way of telling him he was ready to work again! I hope his body can handle it! We both need prayers!
    Love to all,
  7. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I really think it had helped me not working. I hurt alot more back then. I had mostly waitressing, lunch lady at cafeteria and factory worker and things like that. SO yes for me things are much better.

  8. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I really think it had helped me not working. I hurt alot more back then. I had mostly waitressing, lunch lady at cafeteria and factory worker and things like that. SO yes for me things are much better.

  9. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    I have mixed feelings on this one - every job I've done has been working with or for animals and has been meaningful - vet nursing, volunteering with wildlife etc.

    I do feel quitting the main parts of my job and just taking care of a few e-mails a day is one of the best htings I have done for the time being. It has allowed me to really concentrate on getting better and allowed time for healing, exercise, deep breathing and remembering my supplements, plotting temp graphs etc. I just wouldnt have time to do al thse things if I worked.

    I also have a new appreciation or certain things where as if I was working my whole life - you don't really have time to stop and think or just enjoy the wildlife, scenery and much more as you're too busy thinking about work.

    I'm a person that finds it very difficult to switch off and am also of the personality type where everything I do must be perfect!

    I don't see myself as not working forever but I try not to think about the future and focus more on the present and how this is just temporary until I feel better.

    My husband has started growing our own veggies so we can eat organic and I have many more plants around the house to feel more with nature.

    I also just made some pot pourri out of the roses my husband gave me rather than throw them away and I actually put some photos in our empty photo frames.

    I wouldnt have done these things before as they always get put off so I see it as more me time but yes it's also horrible not having a job and not feeling useful and haivng to rely on my husband for money but at the same time I'm trying to see it as a recovery period and an opportunity to have time to do whatever I like. I would certainly hate for anyone to say to me 'you're lucky you don't have to work'.

    I do miss seeing people but I don't have any around me that I would like to see and most of my old freinds live in another country so I guess I will have to make some more oce I recover to an extent but then maybe that's for the best.

    I get very lonely at times at home all day on my own and look forward to my husband coming home which can be difficult as he has amny things he needs to do and I go to bed at 8pm so it doesn't leave much time to it down together in the evenings.

  10. tony23

    tony23 New Member

    I retired 7 years ago. For the first two years of retirement my health gradually improved. Since then it has remained stable. I was in my late 50's when I retired. I don't miss work at all. I read, use my computer and talk with friends on the phone and lift and walk when able. I attribute my improvement to lessened fatigue from not having to get up and work on a fixed schedule.
  11. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thanks for asking this question.. been very much on my mind also... I still work Full time from home on my computer and taking calls for call center work.. I do a split shift so I get a 2 hr break in between... I think about how my life could improve if I did not have to work,. as now it seems I strugle to work each day and then do dinner and go to bed, it's geting harder all the time. If I could only figure out a way to pay the bills and have Med Insurance, without working ...
    Maybe I could have a life again, my husband could not support us , it's a have to thing... even though I enjoy my work,, it's just geting to be way to much,,
    Best wishes for you all..
  12. footballmom

    footballmom New Member

    I want to say it did, however not working is not what some people may think. It's not a vacation, I'm not cured becasue I don't go to work. I always thought "if I didn't work I could get _________ done." or I wouldn't be so tired etc. That's not the case. I spend a lot of time laying in bed. I do venture out in my garden and if I didn't have my dogs I'd have no reason to get out of bed in the morning. I've thought about part time work but to be honest, I'm not reliable. I can't be sure that tuesday from 10- 1 I will feel well enough to go to work.

    I miss not working. I miss the interaction with people, I miss gettign dressed up for work. I'm tired of wearing baggy shorts and t shirts (they're more comfortable to lay around in) I especially miss my paycheck as I used to be able to spoil my children and grandson with new clothes and gadjets or toys. This disease has robbed me of everything. Some days I think about just pretending I'm not sick. I'll get up early, get dressed and actually put on make up and do what i used to do. Walk the dogs, laundry, clean, pay bills, chat with friends. I usually make it untill about 10 am, then I crash and I'm done for the day or maybe 2. That's when I get my not so gentle reminder that, yes I am indead sick and no I can't work.

    I rambled, sorry about that. So what is the answer? I would have to say yes, the quality of my life is better only because I can rest up for the important thigns in my life like my grandchild coming to visit or my husband taking me out to dinner.
  13. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    Right now I am working approximately 20 hours a week assisting clients in personal care and ADL's. I carry a stool to work for the foot care. It helps a lot so I don't have to kneel or bend over anymore. I had injured myself in the past and the anesthesia from the knee surgery put me into a flare, which I am still feeling.

    I work mostly Mon, Wed and Friday and I do need that break on Tues. and Thurs. The reality is I know it is going to catch up to me someday. I am 55.

    My family says, why not office work? They don't "get it" about the cognitive difficulties and bending and kneeling at file cabinets, trying to stay on top of someone else's business. Too much responsibily.

    I like a job I can work p/t and not take home with me. I like the interaciton with the people. They know I hurt, and try to work with me. If I tell them what I can't do, it's ok with them.

    Today, I am going to get a RX from the dr. for PT: heat, massage and tens and trying to get the shoulders back in position, that should help with the pain. My posture has always contributed to the pain.

    If I need to quit entirely, I also have an affiliate site on the web and I volunteer with the cancer society and have family that I will see more.....there is always something to do. The SPCA also needs "dog walkers".

    I already have the disability papers filed. I read that I can work up to 20 hours, it is considered "not substantial income". I hope that's correct.
  14. spmom

    spmom New Member

    I left a beloved career because I was too sick and just could not do it anymore. When I left, I was happy to be able to stay home with my young children but my real challenge was to help myself get better. I looked at it as an opportunity to take a break, get healthy and really take care of myself for a change. There were many very difficult days and times where I did not know if things would get better, but I kept my focus and I can now say that I am very close to my old self in terms of energy and focus and am returning to work after two years.
    If you do quit, keep in mind that it does not have to be forever and that you will find options and opportunities that you might not have predicted.
  15. punkinsowner42

    punkinsowner42 New Member

    I love to write, and am working setting up a home-based biz. That way, I have complete control over my schedule (something I really need with fibromyalgia), I can control how many projects I take on (like maybe one a month), and I have tax write offs and no working "costs" (transportation, clothes, hiring a maid to take over some cleaning and extra costs of eating out because I'd be too tired to cook). Dh has a good job, with good benefits, fortunately.

    I was diagnosed in 96 and tried working full and part time ever since and it rarely worked out - I always had to sacrifice my rehab fitness classes, or medical appointments, or something. I haven't worked since 06 and I still keep busy with volunteer work and I still see my friends, etc. I also see the birds eating worms in our garden, and the squirrel scrambling along the rooftop of our shed, things I'd miss if I was working outside the home.
  16. sadie101

    sadie101 New Member

    my quality of life is better because I have more energy to do things that I enjoy threw out the day and I knew I was just making myself more sick by working. when I went on STD on april of 2007 I never thought I would never be going back to the job and people I loved. for me I was more stressed when I quit competely working because money was tight and building my new home was on hold. but at the same time I could never hold down any job without getting fired because of my illness. but even most days I don't enjoy life's little great things because I feel sick and as you do lightheaded(not a good feeling). but I do keep in mind that one day I am going to be better with the right treatment.

    thank you for your post
  17. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    Yes, I kept getting worse with work. If you follow the staying with the envelop theory it won't affect you but it was hard to do with work
  18. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    No, My quality of life has not improved. My stress is much less, but now I have to worry about the bills and having money to pay them. There are days I do not get dressed and lay around all day because of how I feel. I have more depression now as there is no job to focus on. I miss my co-workers and feel I left part of me at the job I worked at for 28 years.

    That said I retired May 1 this year so I have not had time to adjust yet. I was forced to retire by my doctor who said I might lose my foot if I did not retire and get off the foot. I have applied for disability but who knows when that might be approved.
  19. labrat

    labrat New Member

    Hi SweetT

    I quit working full time about 5 years ago and since then my quality of life has improved. This improvement took about a year and a half of not working at all. Then I started working part time (every other day for a few hrs) for a year. I tried to work full time again, but couldn't do it due to severe fatigue and had to resign. Now I'm working part time again and this works for me. I am able to work a few hrs in the afternoon and rest during the other parts of the day when I need to. The type of work I do now is not the same as I did before but is more rewarding personally.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    NO !

    Because I was a truck driver , I would have taken out more than myself when I finally "crashed & burned".

    After reading my answer , I can see a yes.....but....limited.

    Blessings ,


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