Did Surgery cause your illness???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1sweetie, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Does anyone else on the board feel that surgery caused their illness??? I had several extensive surgeries in 96 & 97. In 96 I also had radiation. I began with cognitive problems after the surgeries & different aches & pains, difficulty breathing with exercise & orthostatic hypotension. In 2001 again extensive surgeries and after one I went into respiratory arrest.During both of these surgeries they were having lots of problems with sinking blood pressure and messed up electrolytes. Fatigue became a way of life for me and LOL my memory became worse. Joint pain started and a constant sore throat. The headaches became worse. In 2003 while feeling so bad a new stressor was injected into my life. The bank I had worked for and managed merged & it was an ugly merger. It required more time than I was already giving and finally my body crashed.

    I often see on the board where people get better and they are fighting viruses & yeast. My test are negative. I wonder if a recovery & treatment plan that works for them will work for those with the CFS/FM that is caused by violent trauma to our bodies.
  2. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Not me, I've never had any surgery.

  3. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I had an oophorectomy in 1993 along with a blood transfusion and that seemed to begin my 'nightmare'...

    The following year I had a neck injury and subsequent surgery and never fully recovered apparently...

    I then lost gall bladder and had a tonsillectomy shortly after...Too many 'cuts' for me...I told my DH, if any doc mentions surgery again...RUN!!!

    If you like, see my profile for some more details that led me to where I am now...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
  4. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    In 2004 I had 2 procedures done. The first one was to remove 12" of my sigmoid colon do to severe diverticulitis accompanied by severe intestinal infection. Never really recovered from that one. Constant pain in my chest cavity and I spoke to the surgen about it and said that it was just strained muscles from over activety.

    I really don't think that, that was the cause of the pain. I think something happened during the procedure that they are hiding from me. Just before the surgery I was told that the surgen was canceling all of his procedures for the day after the one following mine because of a death in his family. I was already on the table and really didn't understand in full what the impact might be on the surgen. They already had started the sedation.

    When they started to put the tubes down my throat they ran into problems and found a cyst the size of a golf ball. I had no idea that it was even there.

    The second procedure was to remove the cyst and after that the pain seemed to spread through out my body and has not let up since.

    I'm mostly confined to my home as the pain meds do keep me from driving and any type of work. I am able to drive if I don't take the meds which I do when I go to the doc and PT since the doc signed the forms for a handicap parking placard for me, so that I don't have to walk so far(walking any distance increases the pain and fatigue).

    If I had the option of doing it again the answer to the docs would be a resounding no, just give me something to clear up the infection, it would have meant a lifestyle change but not one where life as I new it would be completely taken away from me and would not have left me a shell of what I used to be. Unable to do 3/4 of the things that I was able to do before the surgery.

  5. Empower

    Empower New Member

    My FMS started in 1992 but it was tolerable

    THen in 2000 I had surgery and the fatigue started after the surgery and never left

    I too had orthostatic hypotension after the surgery
  6. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I believe that the stress of an acute illness followed by surgery was the "precipitating factor" that sent me over the edge and into CFIDS/FM. My system had been keeping illness at bay until that time.

    Now I know that underlying infections and Lyme Disease are what have wreaked havoc on my immune system, my hormones, my brain, and the rest of me! The surgery just lowered my defenses.
  7. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    And no, it was not a C-Section. Only my first child was a C-Section.

    Before I started getting Fibro symtoms I first had Hidradenitis Suppurativa start (a nasty skin disorder). I was tortured by HS for a long time as "new" symtoms started to accure (FM). Neither medical condition was DX for years, doctors dissmissing both or downplaying it. They put my on many anxiety meds thinking most of my conplaints were in my head.

    This is the same for MANY others that have FM.

    Hope you find the answers to your questions,

  8. collegemom

    collegemom New Member

    I believe that my surgeries contributed to my fm but i also was in a car accident which triggered my pain and put it in full swing. i now try not to dwell on what caused it and just try to focus on making my life better and deal with the pain.

    Good Luck
  9. bluestanglady

    bluestanglady New Member

    Yes, I was fine before my surgery for a ruptured disk in my neck. After the surgery is when I started experiencing the FM symptoms. I have read that some people (or most people who have FM) experience something that causes it to 'surface'. Mine I think was the surgery. I have a friend who has FM and she was fine until the birth of her son.
  10. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    I had MPS and FMS and had different surgeries during that time, but then I had major surgery for a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. After that I developed CFIDS. During that time I went through major, major stress in my life from every angle. Ever since then I have been the incredible shrinking woman.

  11. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    It seems to me that my fibro began after my last back surgery.
    I was in surgery all day. I has a neurosurgeon and a orthepedic surgeon. They said that I had a tremendous amount of scar tissue from prior surgeries and that the nerves were tangled up in a ball with the scar tissue.

    They had to tear the scar tisue off by hand as the nerves and scar tissue are the same color. During this procedure, the dura, the lining around my spinal cord was torn twice.

    They had told me I could lose bowel, bladder control and that I could be paralyzed on one or both legs.

    Thankfully the outcome was better than expected as I only had some minor paralysis in one leg and therapy took care of that. I have a permanent numb streak down my right leg and lost the reflex in both ankles, so I have a tentancy to turn my ankles.

    Did my fibro start as the result of all this ? I don't know but my fibro symptoms did start about that time.
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  12. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    i seemed to never fully recover after a car accident where i got bounced aroung pretty good. after that i ad ain all over that never went away and seemed to get worse.
  13. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I now know that I had mild fibro all my life but when I had an ooperectomy surgery 7 years ago it sent me right into full blown severe fibro!!
    I also had infection where my cut was done(it opened up after 3 months!) and it caused me to be in bed for 9 months wanting to die from the pains.
    It was 2 years before I could walk and I lost loads of weight and my hair fell out and is now thin and scraggly.Yuk!
    So I do think the sugery made me the way I am now because I was able to still work and have a life before the op.

    Never again!!

  14. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I don't think surgery specifically caused my FM because I can trace symptoms back to childhood. I have always been a sick person with some ailment or another and a lot of them "unexplained". I do think tests and surgery exacerbated my situation. I was tested for everything imaginable as a child and everything came up negative and I was always worse after the invasie tests.
    For a long time I was not shall we say "well" but I was well enough ti function, have a life, work, run a business, go dancing all that stuff.
    A few years ago I had problems with my gallbladder. I needed surgery. I have to wait 5 months for my surgery (long wait times in Canada) all the while my gallbladder disease getting worse. I went in for the day surgery and was sent home. I was never the same again.
    It seemed like that event caused everything that had been dormant to explode. I have been in pain and very ill ever since. Fatigue, pain, nausea, brain fog, everything. I can no longer work and a shower is now a chore.

    My mother (not blood related) also has FM. We believe hers started with a bad bout of pancreatitis. She has had surgeries since and her FM always gets worse.

    Do I think the surgery "caused" my FM?
    I think I have always had this illness/disease/syndrome (whatever each of us calls it). I think the illnesses and surgeries caused it to surface in full force.

  15. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I had 3 surgery's in 18 months, and I never got my strength back, even tho I tried to go on with my Business, I had to finally give it up.
    TO sick, to stand the stress, the Operations were Not sucessful, and with all the other ones I have had, I am often told, that I look like a Rag Doll, sewed up all over.

    I was born with the FMS, no doubt about that either, and all my Siblings have it.
    I have to do Battle for them now with their Dr.s and remind them it's against the Law to Under Medicate a pt.

    I have encouraged my Sisters to go to a Pain Dr. and one finally did, and they have upped her Med.s and of course they wanted to put her on an Antidepressant, so now I have to send them article's, to back up, the Reason's my Siblings and I cannot take them.

    They make us nervous, anxious, gives you a Big headache.
    Plus puts us in a Bad Mood. I have heard these Symptoms from each Sib. as they progressed with the FMS and also the Other Co-Condition"s we have indivually.

    Thurs, I have to go to the VA with a Bro, who is in a NH, so that He can be seen by a Pain Dr. also.

    The last few 2weeks we have all been in so much Pain , it's unbearable at times.
    It's due to the Storm's we have had roll through here, and the Pressure system that make's you feel like your whole body is in a vise.
    So I do laugh when others say it dosen't run in families.
    Tell that to my 5 Brothers and Sisters.

    Oh and also they too, have had Numerous Surgies.
    One is recovering now, from Intestinal Surgery, back in Dec, and she still has not closed up right.
    Then on Friday, she had the rest of her teeth pulled.
    I said "Welcome to the Family" lol, 4 of us, have no teeth now, and cannot wear their Dentures.

    I am the oldest and the thinness, there are 3 that are Obese, and the youngest it getting thinner, as he has HepC along with other conditions.
    He had Eye surgery last year and is now Blind in that eye.
    What a mess, huh?
    He has Surgery on one of his feet and it has been 5 years, and it still hurts him, is bruised looking and he has to wear special shoes.

    I also had CT surgery in Feb 2000, and I have limited use of that hand and the Right arm, due to previous Rotator Cuff surgery.

    Anyway, I don't think we can lay it on any One thing, but a collection of Things, like Surgerys, Car accidents, Abusive childhood, Trauma's, etc.
    In general I think Life caused mine, and the World that I live in.
    It's always Something isn't it?

    btw, none of us has CFS, we have the Chronic Myofasical Pain Disorder tho.

    Hope that was helpful to you, probably not, lol, but it's a Fun topic around my Family which came first, the FMS or the IBS,OA,DDD,SS etc.
    Good luck to you in finding answer's for yourself. ;o]
  16. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I find a great deal of insight in each one.

    Rena: In January of 2001 they removed my left ovary along with a tumor. They also removed a neuroma from my right arm pit. The surgery was suppose to be simple unless it was cancerous. I had a precious history of 2 breast cancers. One cancer was in 96 & the other in 97. In between the breast cancer surgeries they found serious precancer cells on my cervix and had to remove my uterus.
    While they were removing the tumor, they found that my intestines were covered with a fibrous tissue that they believed to be cancer. They removed and examined my abdomen & organs and flushed my abdomen. This was a very difficult surgery because with my last breast cancer surgery, they had removed both breast and reconstructed breasts for me by tunneling my stomach skin & muscles to my chest area to make breast. I had to have implants also because at that time I did not have enough fat to make a breast. Because of this, I have no stomach muscles. By internal organs are held in my mesh wire and by body is stapled together on the inside. You should see x rays of my insides. Before the surgery to remove the ovary, I meet the lady in charge of putting me to sleep. I told her of my problems with nausea after surgery. I truly believe she had helped herself to the medication before she talked with me. She danced in circles saying she was the fairy drug mother and she had lots of great drugs and she would make sure I was happy. My husband & I could not believe her. We should have stopped the surgery. I nearly died during that surgery due to losing my blood pressure. I developed an amnesia after the surgery and only have a couple of memories of the entire hospital stay. I did not know what was going on until I got home (I was in the hospital for several days). My blood pressure was plummeting every time I stood and it nearly finished my memory. I was to have another surgery to get the colon biopsy that they could not get during the ovary surgery but because of my blood pressure & my electrolytes were so messed up they had to wait for 4 months.

    Jake: After the above surgery that I addressed to Rena, I had to have several inches of my colon removed. They could not remove the section that had the pockets in it because my blood pressure again made them stop the surgery. The section that they removed was thick & non functioning and covered with fibrous tissue. Thank God it was not the cancer they had expected but they have no idea was is causing the problem unless it is scattered radiation. The night after the surgery, I went into respiratory arrest. I was revived by the Code Blue team. I would be dead if not for a devoted husband that did not leave me when they told him to take a break because I would be asleep for awhile. I did go back to work but I would come home, get into PJ's & crash. My symptoms continued to get worse and with added pressure from a merger at the bank I managed, my body totally crashed. I also have the handicap sticker, rarely drive & function about 20% & sometimes less of my former self. In fact, I feel that the person I was is dead.

    Bruin3: How awful it must be to have been born with this DD and for all of your family to suffer with this has to be a nightmare. I am interested in your comments about antidepressants. I too have problems taking them. I think I'll start a new thread to find out how many more of us have that problem. My family wants me to take them so bad because of my depression but they make me sick.

    MamaDove: I'm going to check your profile to get more details about your illness. I agree...no more surgeries. My surgeon even told me no more.

    Littlebrownwren: I truly believe that those surgeries especially the ones like you and I have had (botched ones) disrupt our parasympathetic & sympathetic systems. That is what I was told at Duke and they cannot be repaired.

    livin4him: Do you feel like the person you were died? Is that what you meant by saying the incredible shrinking woman? In between my surgeries in 96 & 97 I was mugged at the mall with a fillet knife to the neck and at work I was held as the hostage person at the robbery at the bank. It seems that it does come from every angle & to the same person over & over again. It doesn't help us when they take our hormones. Sometimes I think about asking to take hormones. I'm sure we would feel better.

    And to all that I didn't respond to individuality, its because I am incredibly tired. I wish you health and again thanks for your input.
  17. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    It was my second (and last) pregnancy that did it to me. I did have a C-section for delivery, however my body went haywire about 4 months into my pregnancy. My morning sickness for the first 3 months was insane. I developed terrible unstable blood pressure and then gestational diabetes at 5 months and ended up having to take a large dose of BP meds AND inject massive amounts of insulin to overcome the resistance surmounted by the baby hormones. I was on full bedrest for months - I think that was the endocrionological disaster that set me up for FMS.
  18. jstafntsy

    jstafntsy New Member

    I believe with all my heart that it was in fact, surgery, that at the very least triggered my FMS.

    I had repetitive motion problems in both arms, which of course caused pain in my arms and hands. The first surgery on the left arm took all the pain away, and loosened up the muscles on the left side of my shoulder and neck area. I then decided to go ahead with the surgery for the right side.

    When I awoke after the second surgery, I was crying, hurting all over and told them I felt like I had been hit by a truck. It was a total different kind of pain than I had prior to the surgery.

    After many tests, but thankfully just 2 Dr.s and 6 months, I was dx with FMS and CMP. That was 13 yrs ago.

    So yes, I have no doubt at all that surgery triggered my FMS. Do I blame the Dr or think he did something wrong in surgery? Not at all. I think it just happened. My body, I guess, decided that that was the final straw. I had had quite a few surgeries in my life starting at the age of 5 with a bladder problem, than tonsilectomy, gall bladder, foot surgery bilaterally, than the dreaded nerve entrapment surgeries bilatterally, and since then a fusion in my neck.

    Just this last month I now have a "trigger thumb" on my right hand, and this week a ganglion cyst popped up on my left wrist. It never seems to end. I figure God had been trying to slow me down for years and I did not listen to his subtle hints. So he started yelling and gave me FMS. Oh it stopped me in my tracks for a few years, than I just said the heck with existing and tried to live. With the help of an added pill, baclofen, on top of the flexeril and anti depressant, I could sort of work some. At least I had been trying anyway. It may take 4-8 months until I can no longer do the job because the pain levels get so high I have to stop, not to mention my attendance records are not good as we all know the days when we cannot even get out of bed. So yet again, he is telling me ENOUGH already! Both hands now keep me from doing much of anything as the cysts gets bigger when agravated and pushes on the nerves in my wrists causing extreme pain down into my hand and up my arm. The thumb gets so sore it is hard to even pick anything up anymore. Try doing much of anything without a thumb! You will be surprised to see just how much it is needed!

    Anyway, it looks like another surgery, at least on the thumb, is in the near future. I am hoping the cyst will go away as quickly as it appeared without the need for surgery there.

    Do ya think I might listen now and slow down? I doubt it. But it sure has slowed me down for now!

  19. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    i had listened to my body. It certainly would have made my life easier. Please do before you totally crash.
  20. andrea1459

    andrea1459 New Member

    I first got CFS in 2003 and after a year of being bedridden I was able to volunteer 4 hours a week and do school part-time from home. I was building up and then had my wisdom teeth out in nov of 05 and now I am back to square 1. I think the anesthesia they use is not ok for cfs patients. I think it causes further damage to the brain. I have sleep apnea and now i am really not sure if i want to get the surgery, i might come out a vegetable at this point


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