Did Taking SAME for depression work for anyone?

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    Just wondering if anyone took SAME for depression, and if it worked?

    Also, what dosage worked for you (I know that everyone is different).

    I have CFS/FMS and NEVER had depression before this illness. This is SO STRANGE: I am feeling SO MUCH better physically better lately , but am now suffering from a terrible bout of depression! Seems like this illness is going to get me either way! HELP.

    Any feedback would be appreciated! Prescription antidepressants do not agree with me!

    THANK YOU! :)
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    Thanks for the reply Jamin.:)

    I take 5,000 IU of vitamin D a day for over a year; and my levels are 'good' according to my doc who knows the proper 'alternative' blood levels.

    My thyroid has been check at least 20 times (by alternative docs too). so Armour is out for me.

    I was taking Tryptophan for a while, and that seemed to work, but was looking for something new to try

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    Hi, DoveL.

    Some people are helped by taking SAMe, and others can't tolerate it. I favor testing to see what the status of the methylation cycle (which produces SAMe in the cells) actually is. Most people who have CFS and have been tested have been found to have a partial block of the methionine synthase enzyme in the methylation cycle, which causes a low SAMe level and/or a low ratio of SAMe to SAH, which is the product of reactions in which SAMe donates a methyl group.

    If there is a partial block in the methylation cycle, I have found that it is more productive to treat the cause of it, rather than to take SAMe, which does not get at the root cause, and though it gives temporary improvement in some symptoms in some people, it can also actually make the situation worse in others.

    The test for the methylation cycle partial block is called the methylation pathways panel, and it is offered by the Health Diagnostics and Research Center in New Jersey.

    If a partial block is found, there are several variants of the treatment for it now in use by various practitioners and patients. They are called methylation treatments, and the key aspect of all of them is simultaneous treatment with high-dose B12 forms, either sublingually or by injection, and oral folate. This type of treatment is significantly beneficial for most people who have CFS. A few have totally recovered after doing this treatment, but most appear to need additional treatment for factors that brought on the partial methylation cycle block, or conditions that developed later as a result of it. These can include treatment for biotoxins (including mold toxins), heavy metals, Lyme disease and its coinfections, or viral infections.

    It is my view that the partial block in the methylation cycle is the core of the pathophysiology of CFS and is connected to glutathione depletion in a vicious circle mechanism that makes
    CFS a chronic condition.

    I have posted information on the test panel and a treatment protocol many times on this board, going back as early as 2007. The more recent postings give the latest version of the protocol and the updated contact information for the laboratory. You can find them by consulting my posts.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you for all of your tips & replies Jamin, Susan, & Rich.

    Thanks for those links Susan, I was finally able to 'read' the feedback. Thanks for the compliment on my 'profile' picture! I used to be heavily into photography (film), and recently been thinking of learning to use a 'professional' digital camera. Maybe this is a sign?!

    Looks like people have had both positive and negative effects! Seems like it is hard to find 'feedback' on the net about this supplement. I may have to 'rethink' about taking this as it is expensive. In the meantime I have a half of bottle of tryptophan which I may take again. That helps me with the depression a bit (I buy it from Life Extensions). But that also can be $$$ and cannot be taken with SAMe.

    I will wait and see if I get anymore feedback about the SAMe from the board, then make a decision!

    Thank you again!
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