Did the Easter Bunny leave Free Meds in your Easter Basket?

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    Please read all the way through Mikie's post on the possible dangers of using mailorder drugs. Near the end I replied regarding drug companies' patient assistance programs. These are well worth looking into. There is a very comprehensive website at a place that calls itself something like needy meds (Edited to remove URL). Look up what you are taking, even if it is generic!!! Each drug company is different, but there are quite a few of us on this board who would probably qualify for some of these programs and get some money back into our pockets that we could really use for other therapy, rent, food, etc. I am taking some really expensive drugs and saving nearly $1000 a month between receiving samples and three different patient assistance programs.
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    Thanks for the tip. Just the kind of thing I read these messages to learn... Thanks for taking the time...

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    I have asked that people not try to get around the no-URL rule by spelling out the dot and the extensions. It just makes my and Shirl's jobs more difficult.

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