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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shari1677, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. shari1677

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    Was talking to a friend the other day regarding my meds. I take approx 20 pills a day (not different, lots multiples of the same drug). When I multiply that by 30 days in a month - I get 600 pills. OMG. I didnt realize it was so much!!

    Am I the only one?
  2. You made ME "go there" and I got to ONLY....

    Baclofen, Clonazepam, and my Pancrease (prescription enzymes, for Chronic Pancreatitis/Pancreas Divisum, and now my doctor suspects Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction of some sort- pain attacks started abruptly after gall bladder surgery (within 2wks of it, probably 7-10 days,

    ANYhow.... just taking the PANCREASE = 360 a month (4 pills, 3x's a day with meals)..

    (at least they are just enzymes! I've taken the same, GNC store brand- far, far cheaper, btw.)

    Baclofen- I'm *supposed* to take 240/month- 8/day, for muscle spasticity, (IT Bands have 'grown attached to the bone' per PT), & muscle spasms, per MS/Fibro
    I take 6 a day, so 180 a month..

    Clonazepam- I'm on .5 in the AM, 1.5mg in the PM- 120 a month- this could be cut in half, if neuro would write the script for 1mg tablets, instead of .5mg... I see him on the 12th- may ask that (given I have the brain to).

    So, lol- JUST THOSE 3.... = 720 a month (well, i guess subtract 60, since i take 6 baclofen, instead of 8) = 660.

    But, yes, huge point there- is that does NOT = 'tons of medications'... just a lot of pills.

    I'm also on provigil, supposed to be daily- i use it more regularly from late spring/early summer, to late summer or so. The rest of the year, it's used very sporadically...

    I take atenolol daily, 30 more pills a month, lol...

    I just quit my Lamictal- thank goodness!!! - But, will be starting something else, as soon as I see my neuro :-( I live on anti-convulsants, unfortunately, due to Trigeminal Neuralgia, (and a severely botched surgery on it, in 2004)... but, for now "I'M FREE!!!!!" lol - first time in 7 yrs..

    I take benadryll, not EVERY day, but, it's getting pretty frequent, due to crummy allergies, and I do take extra strength excedrin, daily, 2-3 times a day. UGH.

    Still though, had I taken my gastro up on his offer for help with nausea, I'd also be on 2 phenergan, every 4-6hrs. AGAIN. (grr...)

    I go to IU Medical Center friday, for a procedure, I pray to GOD I can stop my enzymes, and many other OTC meds, etc... but, even my gastro didn't sound TOO hopeful... but, he has another surgery on 'back order' so to speak- basically, he sent them the order for this procedure, with the follow up to be, if it does not work, have me return for the sphincterotomy he's tried to get done since 03...

    I also get my lumbar spine 'numbed' (not really), on Tuesday, then a nerve ablation (nerves 'burned') 2 wks after- I'm always hopeful that can reduce my Excedrin intake briefly, anyways...

    It sure does add up, doesn't it? (Don't do that to yourself anymore! LOL)

    Count ceiling tiles, (it'd be quicker, LOL), count blades of grass.... anything, but, don't add pills, (LOL and then come HERE and make ME do that! LOL)


    Ah..... and to think that *script-wise*... I'm "down" in #'s... *somewhat*... I at ONE point, was taking ONLY *armour thyroid*, my heart med, and anti-convulsant. *sigh*.

    Now I WANT my thyroid med again- AND CAN'T GET IT!!?????

    Nurse Practitioner agreed with me on thyroid panel- how it NEEDS to be NOT JUST TSH- but also Free T3/T4, and thyroid antibodies-

    Then she sent me to the lab for like 8 blood tests- and the bottom one, was ONLY the TSH!!! UG!

    (was dx'd hypothyroid only after my primary doc finally listened years ago, & did whole panel- to my knowledge- my TSH usually IS ok.)

    Whew, anyhow, my gosh! Rambling on as usual. Been a long day, good one, with my mom (fibro also), but a long one- two of us, getting lost, stuck in traffic due to construction, etc- and sad thing is, where we were GOING, that I got us so 'lost' !!! MY OWN SISTER IN LAW's HAIR SALON! LOL ARGH! FIBROFOG.

    Have a good night/week, etc.
  3. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I'll never complain again about how many meds/supps I take, LOL! You had me rolling out of the bed laughing!

    Your sense of humor is refreshing and wonderful!

    I take about 22 a day; meds and supps combined. But you know what; like above (nink?) said, it helps me function, so it's ok.

    Keep up the good attitudes, you guys...

    Take what helps you and stop counting, for crying out loud.

    Now the dollars it all takes....thats another post, LOL!

    Love ya all,
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    ok they are not all pills - there is a powder one and cod liver oil, but not including the things that I take on an irregular, but frequent basis (for headaches, nausea, etc), I am at 1350 per month for a 30 day month....almost all supplements (not meds), and that is after recently eliminating several bc I am so sick of taking them, and bc they are so darn expensive....ugh!

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