did too much today. in so much pain.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dani78xo, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    i can tell already; i've done too much today.
    and i'll pay for it dearly tomorrow.

    i had four hours of summer school, then i came home for about an hour and a half, until i went to the library for about half an hour.

    i went home, and then i went back out at around 6:15 to take the dogs for a walk at our local dog park.

    by the time we got back to the car, i could barely walk, as i was in such excruciating pain. even my wrists are hurting, and i didn't even use them. my ankle feels like it's being stabbed.

    ahh...way way way too much. i've gotta learn my limits.

    i have a feeling that mack trucks coming to my house during the night.

  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ditto here. I am paying, but it is easing up now. My sin, clipping the hedges by hand in 90 degree heat after I came out of a long gruelling meeting. I think I may have got a little sunstroke.

    Must be insane, but I am always doing this. Day before I tore out a window frame.

    However, DH gave me a great massage.

    LOve Anne Cromwell