Did you have Toxemia/Pre-Eclampsia during pregancy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rileyearl, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I've seen this pop up on different posts by several people. I had toxemia with my pregnancy. I'm wondering if there's a connection with either the CFS or FMS?

    If you had it, too, can you let me know? And also whether you are diagnosed with CFS or FMS or both. Maybe what causes the toxemia is a clue to the other ailments.

    Thank you!

  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I had pre-eclampsia with my third, and last, pregnancy. But this was in 1980!!!!!!!

    I ended up being admitted to the hospital 2 weeks before he was taken by C-section on total bedrest, waiting on his lungs to be fully developed. When he was able to be born, he was still 3 weeks premature. He weighed in at 11-1/2 lbs. and was 24" long. What a preemie, huh!!!!!

    I had fms/cfs then, but just wasn't formally diagnosed. Now, the docs think I have had the fms/cfs and lupus in my system since I was 10 but they just did not know what to call it.
  3. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Wow! I think I had the toxemia before I delivered my son, but the doc missed it. I gained 17 pounds in a week. That seems like a pretty big clue! Anyway, I had to go back into the hospital for a week when my son was a week old because my feet were the size of shoeboxes. I lost 14 pounds overnight on a magnesium drip.

    I think I've had fms since I was 15, but was only diagnosed this year--at age 52.

    thanks for your reply!

  4. jana15

    jana15 New Member


    I had Pre-eclampsia in the last trimester of my second pregnancy. I was hospitalised off and on for the last month.

    Cheers Jana
  5. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    i had toxemia with all three of my kids. was not diagnosed with fms at that time. but it did effect my kidneys. i have only been diagnosed with fms two months ago
  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Another one here. I tested high for BP at about 7 months and was put on bed rest. Later, just before the due date, I tested positive for protein in the urine as well, so the doctor decided to induce.

    I had so much water retention that I couldn't wear shoes -- only sandals.

    I went in on a Friday for my regular appointment (included weigh-in). That afternoon the induction was started. My son was born the next afternoon. The doctor weighed me after the birth. I had lost 27 lbs. in one day (and my son weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz.). She was a bit freaked, because apparently that's a bit high. But she believed me when I told her I was thirsty!

    Over the next week I lost 10 more lbs. (sweated it off). That left me 2 lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was breastfeeding.

    Mine was a first pregnancy, which is supposed to have a higher rate of preeclampsia.
  7. karebear70

    karebear70 New Member

    HI, 5 years ago with my last child I had Pre eclampsia and HELLPS syndrome, which has to do with the liver excreating huge amounts of whatever,i don't know exactley- into your system trying to get rid of the baby since your body sees the baby suddenly as a foreign object to get rid of, basically my body was poisoning me while trying to get rid of the baby, luckily I was far enough along that they could induce me and take her early--i don't want to sound all dramatic, but i literally almost died. I was told since i had it once i could have it again, she was my third so i was done anyway, I didn't feel safe ever being pregnant again. I am greatful that it didn't start with all that early--that would have put me in an awful decision on what to do about the pregnancy if you know what i mean. she was born barely 5 pounds but was healthy otherwise. I wondered about the connection myself, though i was in critical condition for 2 weeks in the hospital and serious condition at home (i had a visting RN for a month) I recovered fine. I contracted Lyme disease last october and that is what the doc and I think triggered my Chronic fatigue syndrome...
  8. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    I had preeclampsia last trimester of last pregnanacy 22 years ago. Laboe was induced. Symptoms started about 8 years later.
  9. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    karebear, HELLPS sounds terrible. I'm glad your baby girl was ok. Thanks for writing!

    I'm going to ask my doc at the Seattle FFC if she's heard about any connection with fms/cfs and pe/toxemia. She worked in family medicine before, so she's probably had patients with pe.

  10. pumy

    pumy New Member

    My daughter was born 16 years ago and i was diagnosed with toxemia . I've had fibro for the past 3 years. my fibro I beleive is due to lupron injections however.
    Interesting thought though.

    Good Luck,

  11. ckk

    ckk New Member

    whn i was pregnant with my first child i had gestational diabetes, and toxemia and figure this one out i was allergic to pregnancy! if i had to get something!!!!!!
  12. fibro15

    fibro15 New Member

    Hi, my name is Kathy and this is the first time I have posted. I too had pre-eclampsia in 1976. It was very bad I lost my baby at 71/2 months.It was one of the worst times in my life. I was very sick and in the hospital a long time. I remember my platelets were in half and the capsule of the liver was bleeding.
    Also had severe endometriosis wrapped around the bowel and had a hysterectomy and bowel resection in 1995. Tried Lupron first but did not work.Have had CFIDS and fibro since 1989 after a viral infection and bronchitis. Sick ever since. This is a great messege board, thanks for the chance to share.
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  13. harkins823

    harkins823 New Member

    I just found out I had this but 21 yrs ago I had a baby and same thing happened to me she was 11lbs 1 0z 24 in long c section 2 weeks early they thought turned out might have been 2 weeks late not sure.
  14. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    Such a crushing blow, I'm so sorry to hear that.

    I developed toxemia during the 7th month of my first pregnancy... gained 35 pounds in one month! I mentioned to my doc at the time that I was retaining fluids so bad that if you touched my leg, you could still make out the fingerprints, and the indentation remained 5+ minutes. I told him that concerned me. He said,"You're just getting fat. American women don't like to get fat!" I could have died!!! I was having reactive hypoglycemia as well, and spent two weeks in the hospital on bedrest- and feeling sorry for myself!!

    When I went in to labor (after five failed attempts to induce), the L&D nurse pulled back the sheets, looked at my ankles and gasped- "didn't your doctor talk to you about preeclampsia?" I told her no, that I'd mentioned it to him and was dismissed. She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh- Dr. Stang is your doctor?"

    My BP skyrocketed during the pushing, and my son's heart stopped beating for about 30 seconds... an eternity... but thankfully, he was born a healthy 8 1/2 lbs (2 wks early)
    He was whisked away to NICU, while I was treated for the next 5 hours with BP meds... THEN I had to feed him a bottle, b/c the IV dhouldn't br transferred to him via breastfeeding...

    Now I read these stories and am, again reminded that I am actually quite blessed- it could be worse. He was delighted to begin nursing, draining eacg breast, then looking to me for more... Doubled his weght in TWO months- weighed 33 # @ 1 year-old.................

    I had very bad reactive hypoglycemia with that pg as well.
    weighed 130 when I got pg. When I delivered (AFTER I delivered), I weighed 236!!!)

    NOW: A beautiful, almosr 5' tall, 82-pound littlr bit[This Message was Edited on 09/29/2005]
  15. hubby

    hubby New Member

    I had toxemia and was told the baby could die, my first, I was so upset with my ob/gyn/hmo. It was 6 weeks to due date, and knew that something was up, as I had gained over 12 pounds in a month.

    I had to beg for water pills the month previously knwoing I was gaining too fast, and he gave me just samples and then knowing I would not be back for two weeks was not enough pills.

    I neglected to call in as it was not long until appointment and I didn't think it was that bad if he didn't give me enough. As it was when I went in my bp was sky high, he said I should have called for pills, and that I might have a dead baby, he was a sob. I was to see the Dr every week from then on. Thank God or not, I changed Dr's as he had me in tears, first baby, at 18. The ob i changed too had 8 children and was a doll. He said it looked like I would be early had started dialating, thought it was just braxton hicks.

    Anyway they did not get my records transfered over to this new Dr before went into labor a month early and guess what twins. No evidence of it, and just on verge of ultra sounds. It was quite scary. They only had one incubator, but I was lucky with them, they were good weight and came home with relatively little complications in a week and then a week and half for other one.

    Second one I gained only 13 pounds but he was 9 3 oz and again they kept eye on me for toxemia again as it is in family. If I had one baby with twins would have been 8 pound baby.

    Almost developed gestational diabetes, and have been borderline ever since, though it is all over in family both sides, don't know that has anything to do with it.

    Might have some bearing as I believe and so does my mother that I have had this most of my life, always complaining ached all over.

    good thought to mull over along with a zillion more.

  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    with my first preganancy back in '76. Came down with CFS/FM in '93.

    Francie, if you want to have a look at my post "How one person got well from CFS", I have listed what the lady told me about detoxing which might be of help for your brother.

    I talked to the lady from Sunlight Saunas today. Their phone number is on the web site. Ask for Sharon. She was a great help and would be able to answer any of your brother's questions as to whether or not it would be helpful for him with his condition.

    I think he might want to look at a rebounder too. He should contact the Needak people and ask them.

    Most of the other advice on that thread is just healthful living. However, the magnetic devices also help with the detoxification process. If he discovers that detox would be helpful, he might want to consider that too.

    Hope this helps.
  17. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member

    I had it with both babies. They were both premature and the doctor said I came close to dying after the second one. Told me not to have another...too risky.

    It seems like alot of us with these diseases had it. I have been sick for years but was just diagnosed with FM and CFIDS.

  18. lbok

    lbok New Member

    I had HELLP Syndrome and pre-eclampsia too with my first pregnancy. I was having symptoms such as feeling tired and some swelling, but my BP was not elevated so my doctor didn't think anything of it. It quickly developed into severe-preeclampsia a few days later. I was only 30 weeks along in the pregnancy but was induced to deliver because I was in critical condition.

    My daughter was born weighing 2lb 15 oz and today she is 12 yrs old and bigger than her mom (lol).
  19. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member


    And very funny, Vicki about DH not getting preeclampsia...!

    I like this thread, so I'm bumping...

  20. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    I had pre-eclampsia, despite doing everything, and I do mean everything, except drinking skim milk. I drank two percent.

    Took my vitamins, never had any pork, no salt, ate tons of fresh fruit, watched my weight, and still developed pre-eclampsia and was on bed rest for the last four weeks.

    Went to term, had a 9 lb. 10 ouncer by C-section. The baby was floating at term, my cervix had not ripened, and I really HAD TO HAVE THE BABY. When they told me that they could induct for 24 hours and then do a C-section if I hadn't delivered, I asked them if they thought I had lost my mind.

    I was a CRNA and did lots of OB anesthesia. They invariably get the baby into trouble with that scenario. Besides, if they started inducing with the baby not engaged, if the membranes ruptured, the cord could fall out and that is BAD.

    They did some studies, decided it was, indeed a BIG BABY, and I had my C-section.

    They advised against any further pregnancies.

    Besides, that baby was the meanest baby that ever lived. NEVER SLEPT. Especially the night before I was on 24 hour call, and the night afterwards. Was the strongest willed child ever, and still is.

    I always felt that pre-eclampsia was a form of autoimmune problem where the body rejects the pregnancy. They still haven't decided exactly what is the trigger.

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