Did you know Australia has the leading research in fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kizmo, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Kizmo

    Kizmo New Member

    Immigration laws are so strict but I want to move there. They are the world's leading authority on the research and treatment of fibromyalgia. I try to go to any sites from there as much as possible to get caught up on new research. Of course, THERE the lifestyle is more laid back, less materialistic and something to look at beautiful almost EVERYWHERE but the Outback. I've been there 6 times and wish I would never have to leave. *sigh*


  2. jeniwren

    jeniwren New Member

    Could you please point me to the Australian Fibromyalgia sites you've found...I haven't found any from here & my Dr & I would sure like to see what research is going on. All we know is that the top researcher has recently retired and we have been unable to find anyone else.

    Glad to see you like OZ, however we are fast becoming just as commercialised and materialistic as any other western nation on this planet. I'd gladly trade places with you for a while...

    Wishing you peace
  3. Aussiegirl

    Aussiegirl New Member

    I have CFS and they might have the latest knowledge on Fibro but let me tell you the doctors I have met know very little about CFS.
    Yes we have a very beautiful country and I love living here
    but Id much prefer it withOUT CFS haha...
  4. ozgran

    ozgran New Member

    As another in the land of Oz I too would like to know where you are getting your information. My Dr is trying hard to help me and is sending me to a rheumatologist this next Friday as he himself says he doesn't know what to do to help me anymore. I am a bit worried I might get some of the same responses that our USA friends get from some of their rheumy's. Hope not. Anyway Thanks for the input. Love Ozgran
  5. Kizmo

    Kizmo New Member

    Just go into yahoo and type "Australia fibromyalgia". There is a place in Canberra that is supposed to be really good with the latest research.


  6. mellow

    mellow New Member

    When I saw your post I couldn't believe it! I haven't come across a doctor or specialist who has been able to give me any advice. My Rheumatologist told me there was nothing he could do for me and showed me the door. I was under the impression that FM/CFS was more widely recognized in America. I will definitely look at the website. Thanks Mellow
  7. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    personally thought that things were pretty bad here :(
    My doctor can't even get me onto someone that specialises in either CFS/or FMS, as there isn't anyone :(

  8. jeniwren

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    Hi Kizmo,

    Thank you for the link. There may be some research going on down here, however we patients on the ground are not benefiting. As far as I can tell there are NO specialists in FMS or CFS in Australia. I'm one of the very, very lucky ones in that my GP has made a FMS diagnosis. Until then (LAST MONTH) I had no idea that there was even a name for the conglomerate of symptoms I have. I thought I was becoming a hypochondriac. She is now trying to find people to refer me to who will at least be sympathetic. She is so very understanding...not just washing her hands of me and doling out pills.

    Wishing peace.

  9. Kizmo

    Kizmo New Member

    ... to maybe get updated information. Maybe if some of you called there, they could hook you up with some doctors in your area?

    Glad I could help a little for some of you. Maybe I can help you find a few more links and post them. Take care.


  10. Kizmo

    Kizmo New Member

    There is a wealth of information in THAT search engine as well. Seems there was a scientific meeting/conference in Sydney for it. There is also information about CFS. They are using hypnosis for pain at the University of Adelaide as well.

    Probably like HERE, sometimes you have to give the DOCTORS places to check things out. They have SO much to keep up with that sometimes the latest being done with EVERY disease is nearly impossible.

    I REALLY hope this helps all of you over there more.