did you know tha tbath tubs can cause pain more than give comfort

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    Well at least mine does. I lover nothing more ttthat to sinck in to a tub of hot water and relax, it is not the getting in to the tub that hurts but getting out,my tub is a shallow tub and not deep enough for me.
    I was acheing badly so I chose to take a long hot bath but when I tried to get out of the tub I fell back into the water, even though it was water I landed in I hurt all over. This was two days ago and the pain is still just sa bad. But I will live with it. I have done nothing for hte past fw days so that I could rest and heal from this. Talk about being klutzy I am klutzy. I just hurt so much today and can't stand this never ending pain , but
    pain doses not go away for me. I will be more carefull in the future and watch what I use in the tub. I ache so uch tonight that sleeping is impossialbe to do. I want a new body asap. The one I have is wearing out too fast. My grandson asked me after he saw me walk Nanna are you broken? I said no just feel like it. He does nost understand it but my body is not accepting commands like it should. But that is the fibro working on me. I wish that my body never heard of fibro.
    I am going to try and sleep now.
    Learning to live with my pain.
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    Hi Rosemarie, I just wanted to share with you one of my klutz moments. I fell off the side of our porch steps. Now there are only three steps leading into the house and I landed on grass and dirt. Well like you I hurt and continued to hurt for the next three months. I even worked back then. It finally got so bad that I ended up in the hospital. I had fractured my pelvic bone and my saccharin in my back.

    Sometimes Rosemarie it is not the fibro but has another cause and you might want to get it checked out. I wouldnt want you to suffer the three months that I went through.

    One of the girls in the chatroom read an article about fibromites being more clumsy than other people. I would say that in my case that is a definite truth. lol

    Take care and hope you feel better soon,
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    I'm definitely clumsy.
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    I am feeling better now, still not back to how I felt before the fall . I have treid to keep moving and waok more I think that it just makes me ache more. I do belive that I am more klutzy, but I have been that way all my life. I can trip over my shadow, I trips over a dside walk and shapped my wrist just over 6 years ago.I knew from that pain that I needed to be seen at the ER, it was not one of the best experence's I have had. But I survied it. The wrist still aches due to a titaium plate and screws that are in it. One of the screws is comming loose the cure is to have the plates and screws surgically removed, no thanks, I don't want any more surgeies.

    I edited this post after I re readmy starting post. I w anted to say that I have recovered a bit. I have over done it with walking aorund and playing with my grandbabies.
    My life has changed so much in the past year, we had to sell our house after my hubby lost his job, we did every thing possiable to keep the house but finally there was not an option other than to sell it. I did not know just how much all the stress's from the past year have made me hurt more, I don't feel as if my pain ever ease's much any more. But that is how life is. I take strong pain meds and they wo rk but for me the pain does not ever go away.
    Thanks for reading this and other posts.
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