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    We are one of the strongest people ever on this planet?

    We deal with tough diseases/syndromes that have affected our lives greatly. However besides dealing with those things, we deal with unbelieving family, friends, doctors, and others. We work hard to try to convince them that our illnesses are real and they are here. Nowadays I tell people you can either accept it, or walk away. I am ill, that's how it is. I don't have time to deal with unbelieving, noncompassionate people. Stress does not help me and you are stress to me. So if you want to visit or call me you will need to just be supportive and not a downer. I have to be tough like that with people. I rather be alone than deal with stressful, toxic people around me as they are hindering me in trying to get better.

    Many of you are working and just trying hard to make ends meet. I admire you for doing that. I really wish that I could work and hold down a job. I admire you for taking care of the people in your life despite having these illnesses. We are definitely one of the most strongest people on this planet.

    I am not married but have a boyfriend that is very supportive and honestly he is a Godsent to me as I have no more friends in my own state. They all left one by one. I have a few friends that I have met online in other states that I will someday see soon. They have been supportive and understanding and have chronic illnesses that they deal with as well.

    I realized that we are the most special ones in this world as we go through more than the "healthy" people. We have a deeper understanding about life and living than they do. We consider more about taking that trip to the grocery store and figuring out how it will affect us later.

    When people see those that are sick, for some people it forces them to draw into their compassionate side and to FEEL and SEE what is happening with us. For them to stop being selfish and only thinking of themselves but focus more on those that are ill and help them. I wish more people would do that.

    I justed wanted to encourage all of you to remember to stay strong and focused no matter what. I truly believe that each us will find something that will either cure or reduce the pain, fatigue, swelling, migraines, and other things that we go through.

    Even though we suffer greatly I truly believe that there is some purpose behind it. We strive and search to find things that can help us feel a little better.

    I just wanted to add a little light in your life and encourage you to keep going and PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!!! as that is the worst thing you can do. Keep trying, keep moving, and keep going!

    Much love,

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    AMEN........... so true

    Bless you........

    This posting shows that you are special.....
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    Words of Wisdom for sure...Perfect timing for me right now..not in the mood to share or write a novelette but thank you for the encouragemnet Nicole :)
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    I just wanted to encourage all of you. I have always seen us to be the strongest people in the world, those that are ill and suffering and just going through so much in their lives.

    You're welcome. I needed to read my words as well to help me to keep going, to stay focused, and strong.

    I am glad that my words brought you encouragement yay!

    Much love,