did you know we might soon be labeled as having a mental illness?

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    Someone sent me this link. Please read it!

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    This is horrific. THey tried to do this a couple of years ago and there was a big outcry and they're doing it again - those X8$# idiots!

    If you want to have a say, go to the link above, read the article and you can comment on it.

    There should be a special place in hell reserved for people who are trying to officially label debilitating horrible illnesses as "somatic", all in our heads -

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    This is the forum of the DSM_V. You will see a very large number of submissions and comments
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    This is so sad and so wrong on so many levels. This needs to be stopped because how can you go from making medications specifically for fibromyalgia and then labeling as SSD? ME/CFIDS and fibromyalgia are very real conditions where something has gone seriously wrong in our immune systems and then there are the other conditions that would be lumped into this too, which is really horrible. Someone really ought to be ashamed of themselves.
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    How can they do that when it is now a known fact it's more of a nerve condition than just a muscular skeletal condition? Some people would just like to believe that it's made up or that we brought it on ourselves. But if "they" knew all the facts "they" wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it as a mental illness. If anyone has a mental illness it's the "they's" not us. What ignorance. My Fibro was brought on by Lyme Disease...a "viral infection" in my blood. Now how can that be in my head? love,daytripper. :)
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    My neurologist sent me to a Mental Health Clinic for 'depression'. (I honestly feel we are not depressed, we're just totally frustrated with our lives and trying to find something to help us from docs who don't even understand)

    The psychiatrist determined in 30 minutes time I was Bipolar, and put me on two meds for it. Why? Because I had a father with a horrible temper! No joke. She left, and the next one said it was Bipolar, depressive only. She left and the third one said they were both crazy, I was justifiably depressed. After trying 3 antidepressants that had adverse side effects for me, she decided I wasn't depressed, just dealing with life issues!

    Tell me, with psychiatrists like these....how can they possibly NOT say it's mental.....the problem is, it's not us...lol
  7. ... How can "they" have any say so when so many reputable docs and researchers know different?? There is enough indisputable evidence now that CFS/ME is a neuro-endo-immune disorder... AND there IS blood evidence too that shows multiple active viruses as well...

    I wouldn't think that all the CFS/ME specialists and researchers will take this lying down (some of whom have a body of patient records going back 20 years or more)... Try as "they" may, I just don't see how psychiatrists have any say so... Look at all the physical ailments over past years that "they" have tried to call mental... polio and MS for example... and many more...

    Jole, I hate that you had to go through that... I get so sick of doctors labeling everything depression if they don't know what the patient is suffering with... If I had a nickel for every time a doctor suggested depression, I would be a wealthy lady... It's ridiculous! I only WISH it were that simple... I wish my problem WAS depression because then, at least, I could take a pill and get on with my life...

    But again, I don't see how "they" can have any say so when there is such a large body of evidence and specialists that say different...


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  8. I haven't gone to the link yet and just realized y'all were talking about FM... which I also was diagnosed with in the mid 90's... forgive me... my brain isn't all here today :-(

    But either way, that is Just WRONG! I need to go to the link...

    Again, sorry!