did you nowyou can get a medical savings on your electric bill/g

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    you can get a medical baseline savings on your bill because of your fibro/cfs...and there are other reasons to get that as well...it gives more allowed kilowatts at the lower rate....
    because we need temp at 68/72 degrees to help keep us out of a flare

    i found that out at a non-profit organization a last year tha t is in addition to the care discoutn for low income....

    the dr. just signs the darn form you make a copy and send it off..


    check with your local co...
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    and guess what my Dh works for the power company, no news yet.

    My temp in my house has to stay at 74 degrees, if i put it on 68 i'd be freeezing! burrrr

    Thanks for posting