Did you see the quick excerpt on Golden Girls about CFIDS?

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    There was a sort of "reunion" on television last night of the Golden Girls tv show. (except the 4 women were all interviewed separately, not in the same room, which I thought was very strange!). Anyway, it was highlights from all their shows and some outtakes, etc.

    One episode featured Dorothy (played by Bea Arthur) who apparently had CFIDS and had seen a doctor who completely blew her off. Apparently he told her to go get a new hairdo or something and she would feel better. She was furious but didn't say anything to him at the time.

    Dorothy ran into this doctor later in a restaurant, having dinner with his wife, and she couldn't contain herself any longer. She walked up to his table, asked if he remembered her, and told him off but good!! She said that if she had been a MALE she probably wouldn't have been so ignored. She also said that as angry as she was at him, if he ever contracts a serious disorder such as CFIDS, she hopes that he can find a doctor to treat him better than he treated her!

    It was great! The funny thing was when the doctor tried to interrupt and say something about his wife, but his wife told him to SHUT UP and listen! That was great!

    Well, it made me feel good, even if it was a fictional tv show.

    Take care all

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    Wonder what prompted that story line? I believe that maybe the actress who played her daughter (Adrienne Barbo - spelled wrong) on Maude had suffered from a chronic illness. Maybe that was it.............at least that is what I remember. LOL it could just be fibro fog
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    The storyline was created because the main scriptwriter, a female, was suffering from CFIDS!

    Pretty cool for her to put it into the show. Wish I had seen the show but I hardly ever watched Golden Girls.