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  1. BabsFl

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    Did anyone see the view today?

    Jerry Lewis was on talking about chronic pain and how he is wanting to get involved in research.
    He, because of back injury has chronic pain, he says that he was completely down for awhile. His pain management specialist gave him this "device" that doesn't have to be implanted it goes on the outside of your body. He says he has been pain free for 9 mo! You can read about it at...abc's website (edited to remove URL) follow link to the view

    Jerry say's that he has always been there for "his kids" and now he wants to help people with chronic pain which alot of the "kids" have also.

    You got to check it out. I am going to ask the doc about it. I am willing to give anything a chance..who knows might work. Let me know what you guy's think of this. It looks like it might have more effect than the tens unit.

    Thanks for your input

    Barb G

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  2. Applyn59

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    Last time I saw Jerry Lewis was on Larry King.
    At the time he was very bloated due to his
    steroid meds. Will have to look into this.
    Thanks for telling us.

  3. kar1953

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    I didn't see the view today, but heard about Jerry in our local newspaper when he was visiting Cleveland Clinic to talk about this procedure.

    My dad is in so much pain all the time, I urged him to talk to his doc about it, but unfortunately his doc says dad is not a candidate for it. So apparently it's not for everyone.

    My sister in law is also looking into it. She just went on Medicare & had to wait for a period of time since her back problems were pre-existing. I hope she can get it done & get relief.

    The way I understood it, they insert 2 wires along the sides of the spine. Each wire has other tiny wires that are placed in strategic spots out a little way from the spine. These are connected to the portable "pack" you can clip on your belt just like the tens unit. You can also opt to have the unit implanted just under the skin. This is supposed to block the pain. That is my understanding - but maybe I'm wrong.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.........Kathi
  4. CATLADY912

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    that procedure that Jerry Lewis had done does require an inplantation of a device right under the skin. The red device that he was holding was the device that you use to control the anount of burst that you want. my pain management doctor has given me a video on this type of procedure. the procedure requires two days. the first day it is not inplanted because they want to see how much stimulation you will need before they inplant the machine.
    if you do all right with the first procedure and they get the stimulation correct than they inplant the device right under the skin. On the view today he showed us where his was inplanted. This implant has electroes that go to your spine. I have not had it has yet as I wanted to wait until there was no other thing we could do because of the risk. But i do know some who have had it done and they really like it and it does make them pain free. Sorry to have to burst your ballon. Janice
  5. Susan07

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    I'd become the bionic woman - I'd need wires all over. LOL
  6. BabsFl

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    That's ok..you didn't burst my balloon

    I never get 2 excited about anything. I never want to get my hopes up 2 much.

    I did get online and order the free video and info I didn't think it would hurt to check into it.

    Your right about the bionic woman, I think I could do it all except the eyes and ears!! lol

    Thanks Guy's

    Barb G