Did you stop eating sugar & has that helped your pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beadlady, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I'm thinking that sugar may be causing me to flare up too much.

    I stopped drinking soda a long time ago; I like veggis & fruits but I also like junk food too and I seem to go through periods of when I crave the bad stuff too much.

    Any help out there?
  2. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member

    I still have cravings for chocolate sometimes and I eat tons of it when I don't have to see people the other dy. Sugar impairs my health and my concentration but it chocolate makes me feel a little better so it's a tradeoff.
    I completely stopped eating foods that are fried in vegetable oil (the worst of all foods!!!). I try to avoid foods that contain gluten (improves my concentration, digestion) and casein. Glutamate is a catastrophy (one reason why I can't eat fast food anymore).
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My doctor took me off all sugars and I did as he ask but I couldn't tell it helped in anyway.
    (I couldn't even have fruit). I am not into sugar much but do like my carbs such as bread and potatoes. So, the endo. (another doc, gee, they all tell you something different) wanted me to follow a low carb diet, this didn't help much but I could tell some difference and actually lost weight when I followed it. I do have a potatoe and bread every now and then but for me I can't tell you anything that has really helped me except rest and xanax. I do try to stay on a low carb diet because its healther and I need the weight loss. But seems I am one that can't stick with anything.

    Good Luck and hope you get some good replies,
  4. jesfms

    jesfms New Member

    i am a sugarolic...my doc says it causes water retention and causes me to hurt more

    did the atkins diet for 6 months and felt really great..it is low carb diet...so this has convinced me i do better without the sugar and carbs...it is really hard to avoid the sugar though
  5. msSusan

    msSusan Member

    I find that almost any type of sugar causes me to have more muscle pain. Even fruits, honey, maple and agave seems to make me worse. I eat small amounts of whole fruits like apples, banana or dried apricots between meals which is supposed to be easier to digest.

    I've been experimenting with stevia when baking and it doesn't seem to bother me.

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