Did your Symptoms start after a fall/accident

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  1. suzzieq

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    I don't remember having any of these symptoms until I took a pretty good tumble down some stairs and landed on my left shoulder, after that is was like the pain traveled to several parts of my body and has been there since.
  2. Kathryn

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    I suffered a severe whiplash injury, along with shoulder damage caused by bracing myself on the wheel. I never really healed afterwards, but I did have relatively pain-free periods, sometimes for months at a time. After two more accidents, I got progressively worse, with the bad days far outnumbering the good ones. There is a pretty good book that you might want to find called "Understanding Post-Traumatic Fibromyalgia", by Mark Pellegrino, MD. Devin Starlanyl mentions post-traumatic issues in several of her books also.
  3. natrlvr2

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    I do have to say that my neck problems came after 8+ whiplashes thouh.
  4. spmary

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    My symptoms started after a bout with pneumonia. I think any sort of trauma can start it. It's been 11 yrs. That's long enough!!! I am so tired of this DD! But I have improved somewhat. Some on this board have suffered for many years. They seem to have worse pain than I do, but I complain alot. Sorry....
  5. libra55

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    My first symptoms of fibro came after the birth of my second child. I didn't recognize them for fibro symptoms at the time but looking back I can see that was the beginning of a long downward spiral of not feeling well.

    I have been in 2 car accidents walked away from both, so I don't think that caused it.

    Good wishes,
  6. joannie1

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    I was injured at work and that is when mine began. Case management was horrible and the injury was never treated properly because of her. i believe the stress of her and work comp issues depression began and I never did heal from it. It has spread throughout my entire body from it.
  7. clueless

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    As I have posted before my life ended as a pain free person the day I had surgery . I came to from the anathesia in terrible pain and could`nt swallow my pain meds (even crushed) I was dehydrated and so-----sick. Had to go to the emergency room to get fluid, and what a time that was trying to get in the car in any reasonable positin in so much pain.The pain just never left me. I healed from the surgery and the pain slacked off but never left me. I went to see the surgeon three times( some not very friendly ) the last time he told me the only thing he could think of was that the surgery threw me into fibro and to think that was not a life or death surgery and what a wrong decision I made when I had it !!!!
  8. hurts2003

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    I was thrown for an intertube being pulled behind the boat on the 4th of July 1998. It gave me whiplash. I seemed to have overed it then but the day after Christmas it all came crashing down on me and never left me since. It has been almost 5 years of pure torture.
  9. bitter-sweet

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    That's what triggered mine with a fiery! My sister also has problems since she had a horse roll over on her.
  10. Finished

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    When I was 2yrs old. A dog bit my face, got over 25 stitches down from my eye to my mouth on the left side of my face. This is when the symptoms started.
    Since then my life has been filled with trauma. I am now 33yrs old.
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  11. WoodstocksMusic

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    It all seems to have started my freshman year in college I was in a sevier automobile accident...until then I was very athletic and even seemed to bounce back faster the the doctors expected from that accident... but I was hidin behind a physically strong body... in reality(looking back 24 years now to that incident) it was the point where I began to fall apart...any physical activity cause me to retreat to my bed for at least 3 days to recover (and I was a mile runner prior to the accident with a 5:32 record.) I also played softball and at 17 tore my rotator cuff...I managed to live with that until finally at 22 I had spent a year of crying all night with the shoulder pain and I had to have the rotator cuff surgery to relive the pain. The next few years found me back and forth to doctors and in and out of emergency rooms with back problems that would leave me unable to walk for weeks...but I always managed to pull out and seemed healthier then ever before...only I knew that my body was not the same anymore...I kept pushing and trying to be the same strong athletic farm girl...

    Next came the 2 c-sections with my two children one at 27 and another at 35. Followed by a broken ankle (stepped in a pot hole getting out of my van in a parking lot)at 39 that required a plate and six screws... then second rotator cuff surgery to repair the same shoulder plus carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist at the same time when I was 40 years old and here I am at 42...diagnosed just about a year ago now with fibromyalgia...and trying to learn how to live with the knowledge that this pain is here to stay... of course I have been living with it off and on for the last 24 years...looking back now I realize that it never did get better...I was having remissions and sometimes even a couple years between those flareups that would put me in bed for a couple month at a time.

    I do think the serious auto accident when I was 19 was the start of everything...I was sitting in middle of 5 speed truck between my husband and father-in-law...straddled the gear shift w/ no seatbelt....my bladder torn in half...thousands of stitches to repair my cervical area/ my forehead was scalped off from my eyebrow to about 2 inches into my hair line from the impact with the rear view mirror...the broken steering wheel pierced my elbow and both knees rammed into the dash..the only thing that saved my knees from being crushed was the gear shift between my legs....you can figure out the damage that the gear shift caused....

    I thought that each of these incidents was seperate and not related to the others until now at the ripe old age of 42 standing looking back at the series.... I now believe that it all relates to that first accident... the pregnancy's that ended in c-sections after 37 hours of labor (the gear shift probably responsible for the c-sections)

    The chronic back pain over the years... later followed by the shoulder problems...and carpal tunnel...

    I wonder if I can even blame the broken ankle on the wreck 20 years earlier... lol well... probably not that one but the rest all seem to point back to the wreck...