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    Thank you for your kind words and prayers.My daughter has a midwife.Since the first episode with her MRSA,she sees a OB DR once a week and the midwife and infectious disease DR.They have decided the best place for her to give birth is at the hosp. in isolation ICU.I think this would be best, as we live 30 miles from the hosp. Alot could happen before they could get her there. Im going to ask next week if a c-section could be done.If it would be less stress on her lungs.This is so scarey,I need alot of support right now.So I would welcome any positive thoughts. I need to stay strong for my daughter. Robin
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    Please know that I am holding your daughter and her unborn child close in my heart and my prayers.

  3. robin1667

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    Thank you so much!
  4. spacee

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    I will keep her close to my heart with prayers for her and the baby. My 43 yo sis in law came very close to death this Jan with MRSA. The lung doc opened her lung and went in with a camera to see any that was missed by suction and there was some and he got it.

    The Infectious Disease Doc has her eating two kinds of yogurt that say "immunity" on them. One is a drink. I think Dannon makes them. They may be the same thing but one you eat and one you drink. They are at the grocery store.



  5. robin1667

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    Thank you for your prayers.
    She was on ensure among other things when she came home from the hosp. I will ask her doctor what you said your sis inlaw is on.Yogurt can't hurt.Thanks for caring. Robin

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