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  1. questus9

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    This is a very interesting report on diet coke, and the damage it causes. Coke is 'changing the recipe' as a result.

    I read the article, and I usually don't read the posts by other viewers. This time I did, and I found them interesting. You might too.
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    I read an article regarding diet coke and the use of aspartame and the significant damage is causes our bodies. It stated that many people with autoimmune disorders (MS, Lupus and even FM)feel much better and have less symptoms when they completely stop ingesting aspartame. It shocked me enough to throw out my sugarfree gum. There are so many things we are putting in our badies that just weren't meant to be eaten, especially on a regular basis.
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    Is this an article stating Coke and Cargill have teamed up to market Stevia?
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    And most people are stubborn as heck about giving it up! It's nasty and it's bad for you and especially if you have a chronic disease, you have to avoid it like it's nuclear waste! I know someone with lupus and when I tried to tell them to stop sucking down diet pepsi like it was okay, she kept right on. God knows what she's up to now. She didn't want to listen to anything that would cause her to change her eating and drinking habits. Even worse, she let her kids drink it.

    I think it tastes horrible and empty, both croak AND poopsi. I don't see why giving them up is so difficult. Geez, even water tastes better.

    And they'll just change it to use something else they will eventually get sued over. And in that article, it looks like a "parenting" website and he says diet croak is a STAPLE in his house??????

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    Diet Croak, as well as other sodas, contain high levels of phosphorus. High blood levels of phosphorus, calcium, and alkaline phosphatase have been implicated as a cause of arthritis and/or osteoarthritis. High blood levels of phosphorus are seen in those with osteoarthritis. High levels of alkaline phosphatase have been implicated in elevated liver enzymes...........All of these indicate a manganese deficiency.
  6. questus9

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    Here's a cut and paste from the article..Don't think the link I posted worked...

    I can't paste the comments that were made by Aol users, but many!!! dealt with fibromyalgia and chronic illness.

    Here it is:

    It seems that Diet Coke -- a staple in our house -- contains sodium benzoate, a preservative that prevents mold. Unfortunately, it can also damage DNA and lead to hyperactivity in children.

    Coca-cola, however, has decided to stop using the chemical, also known as E211, in its drinks due to consumer demands. E211 will be gone from all Diet Coke by the end of the year and from other drinks as soon as possible. As yet, the company has not found a suitable replacement for its drinks with a higher juice content such as Fanta, Dr Pepper, and Sprite. E211 is not used in regular Coke.

    Peter Piper, a professor of molecular biology at Sheffield University, found that E211 can alter parts of DNA that may be linked to cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's disease. In addition, researchers at Southampton University have linked sodium benzoate to hyperactivity in children. Whether or not these findings are accurate, they are certainly cause for concern. Our kids don't drink sodas, but if they did, this might be a good reason to put a stop to the practic
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    I read the link and became completely disgusted when a nitwit mentioned she drinks 8 diet cokes a day and has no health problems other then fibromyalgia...DUH!!! Is she from the same planet as I? If so, send me somewhere else!!! I am embarassed for her and I don't even know her...MORON!

    Everybody try and recall kindergarten class...

    Lesson #3...WE ARE WHAT WE EAT...AND DRINK...

    Some are slow learners...tehe

    As the new Pepsi MAX commercial says "WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!"

    It's as simple as not opening the can or bottle, heck don't even buy it, leave it on the shelf and stop them from filling their pockets while they make us sicker and sicker.

    Just my two cents :)

  8. libra55

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    I have stopped all sodas, both diet and regular. They make me too gassy. What a difference!

    I drink just water, coffee, and a little juice from time to time (remember juice has sugar in it too).

    Artificial sweeteners can cause some people to have diarrhea.

  9. laurahud

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    Anyone here have any reactions to Diet Coke with Splenda? (or anything else with Splenda for that matter). I haven't had the regular diet coke in a long time because aspartame gives me migraines. Now I wonder if the Splenda kinda isn't just as bad for me...

  10. woofmom

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    Splenda is also a substance that has been altered (for profit) in a lab. I equate Aspartame to antifreeze and splenda to agent orange. I'm still trying to find out how the human race managed to survive for thousands of years without sodas.