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    I have an Aunt that as Type I diabetes. My question is Diet Coke bad for diabetics. I assume in moderation it should be ok, but she drinks two cases in less than a week.
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    From what the article below and other articles state, because she has diabetes it is not good for her at least not in that amount. It would appear she is drinking Diet Coke instead of water and these soft drinks contain sodium, acids, etc.

    Could you change her to drinking water and then her having perhaps one or two cans of Diet Coke per week using it as a "special treat?" I am not diabetic, but I love Diet Coke and I only have it when I got to some appointments--so it is set up in my mind not to drink it all day, every day. It probably should be brought up to her doctor also that she has been using two cases per week so he may want to work on her to increase her water intake then do blood work to see any changes in some levels. Good luck.
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    When I was a kid and we had vomiting, Mom would take a fork and beat the carbination out of a Coke soda and then give us a teaspoonful, once every few hours. It seemed to help settle the stomach.

    As an adult who sometimes goes into vomiting, the doctor warned me against using juice or even water. So I will beat the carbination out of some Diet Coke and use some of that.