Diet, diabetes and Alzheimer

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    I am trying to get more information regarding diet and the progression of AD. My mother went into a very reputable nursing home last November. She has AD, diabetes, osteoperosis and minor heart wall thickening. Since going into the facility, she has gone from a size 10/12 to a size 2X. Her diabetes medications have had to be doubled. This is not good for her diabetes for certain, but I'm noticing a decline mentally and in her ability to walk much of a distance (a few yards at most.) Before going into the nursing facility, she walked about a mile a day at an Adult day facility.

    I'm looking for information as to the type of diet that best benefits a person with AD and diabetes to present to the diatician at the facility.

    The staff at the nursing home doesn't seem to be able to control what she eats. I'm not sure whether they are too lightly staffed to prevent Mom's neighbors from giving her pie, cake and candy or what is going on. I'm not sure what I should expect as this is my first experience with AD and nursing homes.

    I would appreciate any information anyone out there has in this regard.

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