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    I have been reading "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FM, and would like some clarifications about what I can eat. I am on 2400 Guai a day. After reading the 1000 common nat'l salicyates to avoid, it looks like I can't eat any vegetables or fruits. My Dh surprised me the other evening and brought me a coconut pie, my favorite. My pain that night was worse than it ever has been. I asked my self what I had done differently that day, and immediately thought of the pie. Okay, I did pig out on it, but never again. Hope someone answer my diet question.

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    I can't answer your question and the board has not been working right today. I'm bumping this up. We have several here who are on the guai protocal, including Mikie, one of our moderators. Maybe now that things are working right you will get some answers.

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    Somebody beat me to it.
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    Hi, Purcey,

    I did a search when I read your message about getting an answer to your question and found the question message. I do remember reading it.

    I am "guilty" of not welcoming you to the Board, however. Bause I've only been posting for a week or so myself, I guess I didn't think to respond. I know when I posted a message introducing myself (under a different name -- ennistymen), it took Shirl repeatedly bumping (which I appreciate) to get a few welcomes. I think it's great that you brought up your concern and I, for one, have realized, I'll have to be more intentional about welcoming new people.

    In the "for what it's worth department," I didn't respond to your guai question because I know nothing about guai. Presumably, others are in the same boat. Maybe if you directed the message to the attention of guai users that would help.

    As I've learned to say from reading messages from a number of people, consider yourself gently [[[[[[[[hugged]]]]]]]]!

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    and welcome to the board.
    Others on this site have told me that sugar is extrmely bad for those with FM. I've also read the same in various books about FMS. I myself find I have more pain on days I eat anything with refined sugar. I do ok with natural sugars like fruits and veggies. It's the chocolate and other goodies that do me in. In fact, I'm sitting here eating a whole bag of those yummy little red fish and I can feel my neck starting to ache!! :(
    I've been on and off the no-sugar wagon since Nov., but have decided to stick with it beginning this Friday (once my PMS has passed - LOL). I truly want to feel better.
    Maybe we can offer eachother some online support!
    Good luck,
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    Sorry your question got missed. I too am new to this board and have been asking questions left and right. This is a wonderful place and everyone is very helpful. I haven't tried Guai but am staying away from refined sugars and far no reduction but at least it is a healthy diet!
    I'm sure your question will be answered soon.
    Good Luck and Welcome!
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    Sugar makes FMS worse. It is a posion, period. You can eat all the veggies you want on the Guai, and fruits too. Diet is not a part of the problem, except for concentrated sources like supplements. The small amts. of sals in food are handled by your body. The large amts. in concentrated supplements, lotions, creams, etc. are to be avoided. I asked Mikie pretty much this exact same question when I started, so don't feel bad. I could not understand why I have to wear gloves when gardening so I don't touch plants, but then I could eat the same plants. I think the plants put out the sals as a defense against bugs or something. Do a web search for Dr. St. Amand to find his website (not allowed to list URL's on the Board) and you can read tons of info there about what to do and not do.
    Welcome to the Board.
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    You only have to be careful of what you eat while on guai if you are hypoglycemic. Look in the index of the book for hypoglycemia and it will explain it better than I can.

    Although as a general rule sugar is really bad for FMers.
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    First of all, let me thank everyone who has written here today. I really wanted an answer to my question and was feeling sorry for myself as I thought no one cared enough to answer. Please accept my apology.

    I am so glad for the explanation given about the fruits and veggies. I didn't think I could eat them, and that would not be healthy. I am going to have a baked potato and salad for dinner.Whew! I gave up caffeine altogether and had given up sugar, but my DH wants to pamper me, sometimes. I think he will get it, now.

    I am on 1/2 flexeril and 10mg elavil at bedtime. For the past few nights I have been itching like crazy, so I am thinking I may be developing an allergy to the flexeril. I am going to skip it tonight. I went from Feb til Oct, without sleeping much. After I went on the flexeril and elavil, sleeping like a baby. Now I have been having trouble getting to sleep. I have ambien but don't like to take it everynite.

    I was diagnosed with FM in '94, but know I have had it for yrs before '94. It really became full blown about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I know I can gain a lot of knowledge on this site.


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    Sorry bout that. I've had to tend to a neighbor for two days who needed emergency eye surgery and haven't been her much.

    Dr. St. Amand does explain all this in the book, but the problem is that there is sooooooo much info that it is overwhelming. I had to read the book three times before feeling as though I really had a good handle on it.

    Eating plant foods and taking concentrated extracts are two different things. The digestive tract can handle the sals in veggies and fruits. In fact, if you take a calcium tablet with each meal, the body will use the digestive tract to excrete even more of the phosphate debris through the intestines. This is good for two reasons: It takes some of the workload off the kidneys and it eliminates even more debris from the tissues.

    There are a lot more sals in botanical extracts like supplements. In fact there are so many sals that the kidneys stop excreting the phosphates in favor of the sals and the Guai's effectiveness is blocked.

    The skin is by far the most sensitive area for sals. That is why if one is doing gardening, one must wear gloves. Also, it is vital to eliminate all sals from lotions and skin-care products. This is less important for anything which is rinsed or washed off the skin like soap, shampoo, rinses, hair coloring, etc.

    I hope this helps. Our board is growing by leaps and bounds and often posts roll over to Page 2 before the people who can answer the questions have a chance to read them. Don't give up on us; we are a very caring bunch of people. I'm glad you found us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Purcey, sorry I missed your original post. It must have slipped past me. I do try to welcome everyone new, but sometimes the board gets so busy that I do miss someone now and then, and I do feel bad about it.

    Plus I am only on the board from about 5 or 6pm till 1am. I have a husband that works for an oil company, and when he is not here I have more time for the board. Right now, he is home.

    I don't know what it is about coconut, but I found out the hard way that I can't eat it either without getting a horrific flare. The last time I ate coconut candy, I was sick for two months. That was about two years ago, and believe me, as much as I would have loved that pie you mentioned, I would not touch it!

    I am not on Guai, so whatever it is with coconut does not have anything to do with it.

    Hope you enjoy the board, and that you get the answers you are looking for.

    As for diet, check the index in Dr. St. Amand's book, he lists a dozen different diets for Fibromyalgia, and related ailments. Its in the back index. I just checked it.

    Shalom, Shirl
  13. Mikie

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    Purcey sees this. Please acknowledge that you have seen it, Purcey. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Purcey,
    Hi,and Welcome!I also am new to this group.The diet:
    my pain management Dr. told me absolutly no sugar,do not eat bananas they convert right into sugar(so,says DR).No caffine,low,low fat diet.No,white flour,noodles,rice etc.Ive lost 20lbs.So that was nice (LOL)
    eat lots of dark green veggies,broccoli,spinach,brussell
    sprouts those are espically good for Fibro,lots of veggies,
    easy on the fruit though because of the sugar content.he said to go easy.Easy on fat consumption also.I bought a indoor grill (GF) eat lots of the white meat seafood
    It has helped me but boy do I get those sweet cravings!!!! Hope this will help you out.

    Good Luck@God be with You

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  15. Mikie

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    Eating a very low carb diet, but I eat all the fat I want, including meat, cream, and butter. My blood pressure has dropped back to normal and my cholesterol dropped 25 points to 166. Eating fat does not make us fat, increase our lipids, nor increase our blood pressure; carbs do.

    I've been on the Suzanne Somers diet. It allows some fruit and all the green leafy veggies one wants. High-starch veggies like legumes, corn, carrots, and peas should be avoided, at least until one reaches the target rate.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Shirl

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    But wanted to say that potatoes also turn into sugar after they are eaten. I think this excludes the red potato though.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I just got back to this site. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Yesterday and today have probably been the best days I have had in the past year or longer, so was making use of the good time. I have been making a lot of notes on all the messages and find a world of information.

    Thanks for everything and caring.

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